Revlon Unicornicopia (Holographic) Swatches and Review

Revlon Unicornicopia HoloChrome Polishes Swatch in Sunlight

Revlon Unicornicopia HoloChrome Polishes Swatch in Sunlight

Revlon recently upped their game considerably.  They released the Revlon HoloChrome collection, four holographic polishes and four chrome finish polishes available at the drug store.  I am not going to pretend that these compare to some of the amazing indie holos out there.  The holochromes are beautiful, but are a starter kit for holo.  However, at $6.49 regular price, a lot cheaper than many indies too.  Today, I am sharing swatches one of the holos, Revlom Unicornicopia, a gorgeous light purple scattered holographic polish.  Shown above in sunlight, it is my top choice from the four holos.

Revlon Holos from Holochrome Collection - Unicornicopia

Revlon Holograpic Polishes:  Hologasm, Galactic Pink, Unicornicopia and Fairy Dust

Revlon Unicornicopia Swatches & Review

Revlon Unicornicopia HoloChrome Polishes Swatch - Bottle

Your opinion of Revlon Unicornicopia (and the other holos included in the HoloChrome collection) will likely vary based on the polishes you have tried.  If you are heavily into indie polishes, you likely have similar colours with more opaque formulas.  If you buy polishes in the drug store and want something sparkly for the holidays, or love SimplyNailogical, these are for you.  So I am going to write this from the perspective of buying drug store polishes, because let’s face it, most of them are cremes or chunky glitter.  It is great that Revlon has made holographic polish available to the vast majority of polish wearers who like to buy in person.

Revlon Unicornicopia HoloChrome Polishes Swatch - Bottle Name

Revlon Unicornicopia is a nice shade of lavender purple.  Not too dark, not too light.  You do need three coats to build up full opacity, or at least I did.  The scattered holo does show in indoor lighting.  Not as strong as some holos I have tried, but noticeable enough.  Despite wearing indie polish a fair amount, a number of people asked me about my nails while wearing Unicornicopia, and it was nice to be able to say, go buy it at Shoppers/Rexall.  Their eyes tend to glaze over when I say they have to buy it online or join a facebook group to get a certain shade.

Swatches and Review of Revlon Unicornicopia (HoloChrome Collection)

Revlon Unicornicopia HoloChrome Polishes Swatches in Indirect Light

The formula is good, no issues with the brush either.  Despite needing three coats, it dried quickly which helps with the third coat.  Some others had wear issues with this collection, with it chipping after just a day.  I used a sticky base coat (as I have been for most polishes lately) and wore this for 4-5 days.  I usually change my polish after 48 hours because I hate tip wear and am hard on my nails, so no wear issues for me.

Revlon Unicornicopia HoloChrome Polishes Swatch in Indirect Light

Revlon Unicornicopia in indoor lighting

Revlon Unicornicopia HoloChrome Polishes Swatch - Macro in Sunlight

Look at that pretty holo when wearing Revlon Unicornicopia in bright sunlight

Revlon Unicornicopia (Holographic) Polish Overview

  • Coats required:  3 coats (shown with top coat)
  • Dry time:  good, despite needing a third coat, it dried quickly
  • Wear time: great, although I do know others had issues so I wore with a sticky base coat
  • Issues: None, has a great formula, but does need 3 thin coats for full opacity.
  • Colour: lavender scattered holographic (does show lighter or darker depending on lighting)
  • Buy It: at major drug stores and anywhere else Revlon nail polish is sold (yay for drug store holos)

I will be sharing the rest of the holographic polishes over the remainder of this week, so come back to check out Fairy Dust, Hologasm and Galactic Pink!

Revlon Unicornicopia Holographic Polish Swatches and Review

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