X Files Nail Art

X Files Nail Art

X Files Nail Art

I know I can’t be the only one excited for the new X Files revival and with episodes starting tonight, I couldn’t resist doing my nails to match.

Polishes used

  • Mariposa black with a slight silver shimmer (since they have no names)
  • Zoya Opal effect coat
  • Essence Wild White Ways
  • Essence The Gel base coat
  • Essie Let It Shine top coat
  • Nail dotting tool

This one is fairly simple, paint your nails black (two coats).  I used the Mariposa polish I reviewed a while back because it was at the front of my black polish stash and has a little shimmer, but any black polish would work.

Once dry, add a single coat of Zoya Opal.  The green flakies give it that alien green look without drawing some tacky aliens – and we know that the X Files is not about the oh so typical green alien (at least not in every episode).

Use a dotting tool and white polish to add the X Files typewritten X logo on your chosen accent finger.  The X was uneven anyway, so you do not have to be too precise and smooth with this one.  Top with another coat of Opal on that nail and top coat on all nails.  My X wasn’t perfect (and the notch is hidden by the shine) but who cares, I have snacks to prepare so I can watch in peace!

The X Files 2016 Mini Series

While I have high hopes for my once loved show, my other half is refusing to watch it as he thinks it will ruin his memory of the X Files.  He is also well over my humming of the X Files theme tune lately and tells one of the cats to bite me every time I start humming.  The reviews so far (the few without spoilers) are mixed so it remains to be seen.  The truth is out there, enjoy watching tonight!

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  1. So cool! I’m definitely excited for the new X Files!!

  2. This is so cool.. I think I might have to try this design.

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