My THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar Days 7 to 12

TheFaceShop Advent Day 10

THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar 2015 Inside

Last week, I posted the first six days of my THEFACESHOP advent calendar.   I was fairly impressed with the samples from the first six days, with the exception of the nail polish (I like their polish, just not that colour) they are all items I would have picked up in-store.  Now I have the next six days for you.

THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar Day 7-12

Here are the mini reviews of the items I received on days 7 to 12 of my beauty advent calendar.

THEFACESHOP Style My Eyebrow

THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar Day 7 Style My Eyebrow Brown Pencil

Day 7 of THEFACESHOP advent calendar brought a Lovely Me:Ex Style My Eyebrow pencil in brown.  This is a bit light for my dark brows and gave them a red-brown undertone but the pencil itself applies well and would definitely work for a beginner to makeup at a great price.

THEFACESHOP Mini Blusher Brush

THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar Day 8 Mini Blusher Brush

Day 8 was a cute but kinda useless mini blush brush.  I have much better brushes in full and travel sizes.  Not much special about this other than it is pink and compact and might work in your makeup bag if you only have long handled brushes you don’t want to take with you during the day.  The brush is fairly soft though, which for the price is good.

THEFACESHOP Milk Calcium Nail Pack

THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar Day 9 Milk Calcium Nail Pack

The milk calcium nail pack in day 9 of my THEFACESHOP advent calendar was the first of this set that I was excited about.  I have used the paraffin nail packs before but not the this one.  THEFACESHOP milk calcium nail pack is meant to strengthen and moisturize your nails.  A review of this one is coming up separately, but definitely one I would buy again.  My nails take a beating with acetone use and constant polishing, so these $2 nail packs are a nice treat.

THEFACESHOP Herb Day Lip & Eye Makeup Remover Wipes

THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar Day 10 Herb Day Lip & Eye Makeup Remover Wipes

Day 10 was a pack of 30 Herb Day Lip & Eye Makeup Remover Wipes.  No idea what the price is on these ones since like many products, they are not listed on THEFACESHOP’s website.  You can pick them up on ebay for $6-7 though so I am guessing around $5.  These did a decent job of removing waterproof mascara without scrubbing.  I haven’t worn any really staining lipstick, but it had no issues removing regular lippy.  They did not feel overly greasy like some waterproof removers too.

THEFACESHOP Color Hair Bands

THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar Day 11 Color Hair Bands

Day 11 was something else I won’t use.  Little elastic coloured hair bands.  I have really thick heavy hair and any small elastic like this will just snap and doesn’t hold them.  We sponsor a family for Christmas though, so these went into a box for the girl to use with her other presents.  If you have finer hair, they would be fine.  There are definitely better hair elastics out there with protection for your hair though.

THEFACESHOP Trendy Nails RD302

THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar Day 12 Trendy Nails RD302 Red Nail Polish

Another nail polish from THEFACESHOP advent calendar for day 12.  While usually, I would love a nail polish, this red is a bit too much for my skin tone.  Trendy Nails in RD302 (which my boyfriend loves because it is “hooker red and like R2D2”) is like the red in primary colours at school.  That bright red with nothing to tone it down.  Like the pink, it is almost opaque in one coat but best worn with two.  I definitely would not wear this alone, but it shows well when used in nail art.

So that is days 7 to 12 of the advent calendar, check back next week for the next six items (or watch my instagram feed for daily peeks into all of my advent calendars).

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