Hard Candy Jingle Nails Holiday 2016 Nail Polish Set

Hard Candy Jingle Nails Set - All Polishes - 2016 Set

Hard Candy Jingle Nails Set

If you have been to Walmart recently, you may have noticed these cute holiday sets from Hard Candy.  The Jingle Nails set is $19.97 for 19 mini Hard Candy nail polishes in a variety of colours.  Similar to the Quo set I reviewed recently, they come in a bucket that you can use to store polishes in after opening but sadly do not have the names of the included polishes.  There are a lot of polishes in this set, so I am going to break it down into two posts so it is not overly picture heavy.  Check back soon for the rest of the polishes!

Hard Candy Jingle Nails Set - All Polishes - 2016 Set

The set has a good mix of shades and finishes.  With everything from white to black with pinks, reds, blues and more in between.  Shimmers, glitters, crellies and cremes.  If you have a budding nail polish addict to buy for, it makes the perfect affordable gift.  Only two of the shades are really close in colour, the two light pinks and with the obvious exception of the crellies and glitters, all had great opacity.

Jingle Nails – The Basics/Neutrals

Hard Candy Jingle Nails Set - Basics - Black Silver Gold White Nude

It wouldn’t be a great starter set without the obvious necessities of a decent nude, black, white, silver and gold.

Hard Candy Jingle Nails - Neutrals Swatches

Hard Candy Jingle Nails - Neutrals Swatches Popsticks

The nude has good opacity, almost opaque in one coat.  The black and white were even more opaque and the black has a slight silver shimmer that makes it less vampy and more wearable.

Hard Candy Jingle Nails - Gold Shimmer Swatches

The gold has a slight silver shimmer to it making it that perfect gold that goes with almost anything.  Not too yellow but not overly cool that it doesn’t seem gold anymore.  Shown here with two coats and no topcoat, it is fairly smooth with little noticeable texture.

Hard Candy Jingle Nails - Silver Gliter Swatches

The silver polish is a glitter in a clear base, a better topper than worn alone.  Shown with two coats of just the glitter and one coat over the black polish included in the Hard Candy Jingle Nails set.

Hard Candy Jingle Nails – The Blues

Hard Candy Jingle Nails Set - Blues

The Hard Candy Jingle Nails set actually has five blues.  One looked much darker in the bottle and I originally paired it with the purples and reds, so check for that one in my next post.  The rest of the blues include a creme, a crelly, a shimmer and a glitter.  A great assortment of wintery colours for snowy nail art.

Hard Candy Jingle Nails - Blues Swatches Non Glitter

The lightest of the blues is a creme and decent opacity for a more pastel shade.  It also has a nice finish, not suffering from that chalky look of many lighter blues or other pastels.  The darker has a more crelly finish and needed three coats for opacity.  Probably be a great polish for jelly sandwich stamping nail art with a white snowflake design between layers of blue.

Hard Candy Jingle Nails - Blues Swatches - Blue Shimmer

The shimmery polish has a little texture with glitter in a blue jelly base.  Shown here with two coats it was fairly opaque, but you can see the jelly at the edges without the shimmer.  So a third coat may do it good just to build colour evenly.

Hard Candy Jingle Nails - Blues Swatches - Blue Glitter

Finally, the blue glitter, shown alone as two coats and one thick coat over gold.  It does have a blue jelly base that is quite sheer but will tint your base colour somewhat.

Now you have seen nine of the polishes, which is your fave?  The Hard Candy Jingle Nails set is exclusive to Walmart for the holiday season.  At under $20 you can grab an affordable gift for that beauty lover on your list.  Don’t forget to check back later to see the pinks, reds and purples included in the set.

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