Graveyard Theme Halloween Nails #CBBOctNails

Halloween Graveyard Nailart CBBOctNails

Halloween Graveyard Nailart CBBOctNails

No #CBBOctNails post yesterday as the gradient theme was the base for the Halloween nail design for today.

What you will need for this Halloween graveyard theme

  • A light, but not white, polish – I used Essence Who Am I?
  • A blue toned polish, preferably jelly or one good for gradients – I used Essie Silk Watercolor in Point of Blue
  • Any decent black polish, opaque (you want to do this on one coat) and dries quickly.  A stamping polish is good or a black nail art pen such as the Essence Tattoo Nail Art Pen I used
  • A silver polish for the moon/depth in sky, not super opaque and a bit of sparkle – I used Covergirl Outlast 322 Show Stopper
  • A fine brush
  • Makeup sponges for gradient
  • Your usual base and top coats, a thick top coat works best

Gradient Nail Art CBBOctNails

I started with a base of Essence Who Am I? and then sponged Essie Point of Blue over it.  Since it is a nice buildable jelly formula, you can work with it easily to get the effect you want.  I then used a coat of Essie Gel Setter top coat while it was still lightly wet to drag the blue down a little more for a more uniform look.

Allow it to dry fully, you don’t want your Halloween nail art moving your polish around because gradients are a pain to redo.  I waited a full hour then painted on crosses and grave stones along with random black lines and some birds/bats in the sky using a black nail art pen.  Add a shiny silver moon and allow the whole thing to dry once again.

Then I dry brushed a little of the silver over the nails to create a cloudy effect and make the top nailart not so obvious.  You will need a polish that is not too opaque to do this layer.  Once dry, top with another coat of top coat and you are done.

And that brings us to the end of the week-long #CBBOctNails challenge, check out other looks from the other beauty bloggers:

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