Dose Pill Nail Polish – Stormy

Dose Pill Stormy Nail Polish Swatches Canada Ipsy Bottle

Dose Pill Stormy Nail Polish Swatches Canada Ipsy Bottle

Just what the doctor ordered, a dose of nail polish! Dose Pills are made by Strange Beautiful and are not one use pills like some of the ones you see now, but a regular bottle of nail polish in a pill shaped bottle.  I received a Dose Pill in Stormy, an ipsy exclusive shade in my latest glambag (I know, I haven’t even posted September yet, but I like to try stuff first and the nail polish challenge got in the way of regular posting).

Stormy is described as an edgy, hauntingly beautiful grey-violet, with an ever so slightly veil of mineral iridescence. Dashing yet refined with a soft patina satin finish.

You can see a little of the iridescence by the E on the bottle’s logo but it is not at all noticeable on the nail.  It is pigmented, and like the regular Dose Pills 5-Free so you are not putting nasty stuff on your nails.  It looks like Dose Pills were released in 2012 but clicking through to the site to buy them has no Dose Pills and no Canadian retailers.  So I am not even sure if you can buy them – strange promo from ipsy but hey, nail polish!

Dose Pill Stormy Nail Polish Swatches Canada Ipsy

I was initially happy to see a polish in the sneak peek of my glambag and thought the pill idea was super cute, until I was sitting here thinking oh what colour should I paint my nails, I know, I will try that Dose Pill I got.  First problem, the pill format means the bottles do not stand up and since it is a mini, using my trusty BottleHug was not really an option.  I ended up trying to hold the bottle between my fingers while I applied the polish and the edges reflect how uncomfortable that was.

I do love the colour, I have similar ones so not particularly special but at least ipsy isn’t sending me colours I would not wear.  I find it really strange that ipsy is sending products you can’t buy, I thought the whole idea was to introduce you to new brands.  If it were not for the fact that it is an ipsy exclusive, I would think they were just buying liquidation stock (unless this shade never made it to market and they are claiming it is exclusive as a result).

Pictured above with two coats of Dose Stormy and a silver stamped moon/stars.  Dose polish is fairly thick and does not run into the cuticles but also takes forever to dry.  It also does not have a great shine.  I left top coat off my middle nail to test it, and shown after just two hours of not doing much, you can see it is kind of dull already.

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