Graveyard Theme Halloween Nails #CBBOctNails

Halloween Graveyard Nailart CBBOctNails

No #CBBOctNails post yesterday as the gradient theme was the base for the Halloween nail design for today. What you will need for this Halloween graveyard theme A light, but not white, polish – I used Essence Who Am I? A blue toned polish, preferably jelly or one good for gradients – I used Essie […]

#CBBOctNails Day 4 – Abstract & Geo Nail Art

Abstract Geo Nail Art Sq CBBOctNails

In my quest to do the full week of the #CBBOctNails challenge, here is day 4 – Abstract & Geo Nail Art. Today’s prompt is probably simpler for most of us.  You can pretty much go with whatever and we all have tools and stamps for abstract or geometric designed nails.  I went with a […]

Fall Nail Art #CBBOctNails Day 3

Fall Nail Art #CBBOctNails Tree Nail Art

Another day of #CBBOctNails nail art prompts!  Day three of the challenge is fall and this is one I wore for several days and did not want to remove. I started with Essence Wild White Ways as a base.  I tried a sunset gradient but the leaves did not show as well against it, so white it […]