Quo Back to Basics Eye Palette

Quo Back to Basics Palette 2014

I wanted the last Quo Back To Basics palette but they are limited edition and sell out fast.  This year I was watching for them and was so happy to see them in the flyer the same day I received a Shoppers Drug Mart personalized coupon for 5000 bonus Optimum points when you spent $20 or more on makeup plus it was beauty gala day so I received a $5 coupon to use towards my purchase too!

The Quo Back to Basics palette comes in limited edition packaging (black with gold patterns) and contains twelve fairly neutral shades.  I opted for the browns but they do have a set with more pinks/purples too.  The brown palette is often blogged as a Urban Decay Naked dupe so you can imagine how popular it is with similar colours but priced at only $25.

Nothing is as beautiful as a natural you!  Highlight your existing beauty with this collection of 12 eye shadow colours, from light and barely there, to intense brown and smokey tones to amplify your eyes. Also includes a full size special edition eye shadow brush.

The Quo Back to Basics palette is super versatile, you get to choose between matte and shimmer – but not overly glittery or mix it up for your perfect look – or if you are very lucky, find the all matte palette.

The coverage on them is great, some of the Quo Back to Basics lighter colours need an extra swipe to get the same pigmentation at their Urban Decay counterparts but considering the cost difference, that is not a huge deal.  With the exception of the black, they go on dry with no loose powder dropping off the brush.  I have been using a smaller brush (from the Quo Rebel Chic travel set) for the black as it tends to drop.

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While Urban Decay comes with a liner and primer for $60, I personally love my own liner and have primers so save and pick this up for only $25 at Shoppers Drug Mart.  Even better, buy it on a 20x Optimum day or redeem your points – even cheaper!

Sadly, Shoppers Drug Mart do not heavily promote Quo on their own website, but Beauty Crazed has a full list of the Quo Holiday Collection here.

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