The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand-Off

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fragrance Free Hand Cream Hand Off

Have you tried Neutrogena Norwegian Formula fragrance free hand cream?  I will admit to not taking care of my hands as well as I should and my skin suffers the consequences.  Between the amount of acetone I use cleaning up nail art or polish, changing my polish almost daily or deciding to swatch 10 polishes in a day, my hands and cuticles are usually not happy with me.

You have probably noticed that I have reviewed various hand creams lately and while some have worked better than others, I have not found that holy grail of hand creams yet.  My criteria shouldn’t be that hard to meet.  I just want something that gives an good dose of moisture, unscented so I can reapply at work, fast absorbing and doesn’t cost a fortune.  I do have a few that I love that are scented but with a scent free workplace, they can’t be used regularly.  So when Neutrogena offered me the chance to try the Neutrogena Hand-off challenge with their Norwegian Formula fragrance free hand cream I jumped at the chance.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fragrance Free Hand Cream Hand Off

There are two Neutrogena Norwegian Formula fragrance free hand creams depending on your hydration need:

  • Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream is dermatologist tested, fragrance free and contains 40 per cent glycerin to provide both immediate relief and 17-hour hydration for rough, dry hands.
  • Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fast Absorbing hand cream intensively moisturizes the skin to leave your hands feeling immediately soft, smooth and supple and has a lightweight formula that delivers moisture without leaving your skin greasy – perfect for a quick touchup between nail polish swatches!

Both are available at drug stores with a regular price of around $7 so you won’t need to break the bank to try them – or pay shipping!  While 50mls doesn’t seem like a lot for a drug store hand cream, it is a great size to keep in my larger purse (oh the things I lose in the depths of that purse) and you need just a tiny amount.  Each tube holds 200 applications!

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fragrance Free Hand Cream Hand Off

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula fragrance free hand cream is more of an ointment style than cream, but absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave your skin greasy, so you can get back to work (or scrolling through that adorable instagram feed) right away.  I tend to moisturize a few times a day out of habit, so I am not sure if it lasts 17 hours, but unlike some where my hands feel dry in an hour, my skin still felt soft and moisturized when I reapplied.

Since it absorbs quickly, it is also great for applying when I know my nails are touch dry but at that point where I will leave marks if I press on them too hard but want to get on with my day and have white powdery acetone marks from cleanup around my nails that I want to rinse and moisturize.

Win Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fragrance Free Hand Cream

Neutrogena want you to experience the Norwegian Formula Hand Off, so are giving a reader a chance to win a tube of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula fragrance free hand cream.  Enter below, and if you don’t win, join the #NeutrogenaHandOff by picking up a tube at your local store.

This post was sponsored by Neutrogena and product was supplied for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own.  

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30 thoughts on “The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand-Off

  1. The Rapid Tone Moisturizer with spf 30 stands out for me! I just had some skin cancer taken from my nose so the sun protection is soooo important!

  2. It’s been a while since I even used Neutrogena products, but I’m totally out of hand cream, so will pick up one of these today. Lack of hand cream is torture for nail polish lovers!

  3. I love Neutrogena Healthy Skin Facial Lotion the most as it applies easily and has SPF. I also love Neutrogena grapefruit acne wash.

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