Marcelle Mascara Waterproofing Topcoat Review

Marcelle Mascara Waterproofing Topcoat Review

Mascara and I have a love hate relationship.  My lashes are not long and dark enough to go au naturel but I am yet to find the perfect mascara.  This is mostly because my eyes water a lot.  Non waterproof mascaras always seem to look better, but who wants to look like a panda after an hour of wearing them?  So I have always “made do” with waterproof versions that I like, but do not love.  Everything from $3 to $30 mascaras, and I can’t find that perfect waterproof one?

Marcelle Mascara Waterproofing Topcoat Review

Well, Marcelle has to my rescue!  Now I can use the non-waterproof mascaras I love, but not look like a raccoon due to sweat, rain or watering eyes.  They have a mascara waterproofing top coat.  It comes with a basic mascara brush, but unlike clear mascaras or topcoats I have tried before, is more liquid and gently coats the eyes without a clumpy mess.

You do need to wait until your mascara is totally dry.  The waterproofing topcoat liquid is runny, as you can see from it almost dripping out in the picture above.  It is not great if you use a mascara with fibres as it either brushes them away or sticks them too close to get the full effect.  But on top of my fave Diorshow, no issues at all.  Once dry, it has a slightly glossier look than your regular mascara.  Personally, I like that, but it is not for everyone and it does change the way your mascara looks.  You are brushing through using a different style of mascara wand.

Marcelle Mascara Waterproofing Topcoat Review

I have really put this to the test, in 40 degree humidity days, while crying (long story) and even slept in it once (yeah I know, don’t sleep in your makeup) and not one case of panda eyes!

Marcelle’s waterproofing topcoat mascara has been around for a while, two years or so, judging by other reviews.  I have no idea how I didn’t know about it sooner, but I am glad I have found it now.  My only issue with it is that the top coat is so liquid it tends to move down the mascara wand to the centre, so it can be hard to coat your lashes fully.  I hold it for a few seconds letting it run back down the bristles and make sure I use that side to sweep my lashes.

Marcelle’s mascara waterproofing topcoat is available at most drug stores and is regularly priced at $16.95.  I picked mine up at Shoppers Drug Mart when I had a coupon for bonus points on cosmetics.

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    1. No idea, I have never had an issue with mine. You do need to let your mascara dry first, maybe it is reacting to something in yours? I typically use Smashbox Full Exposure but have tried it with others I am testing with no issues

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