FeeTreat Pedi Foot Mask Booties By Look Beauty

FeeTreat Pedi Look Beauty - Packaging

FeeTreat Pedi Look Beauty - Packaging

As the nicer weather approaches. I am making an effort to get my feet ready for cute sandals and other shows that show the feet more than the boots I live in over the winter.  I have tried several of the Look Beauty masks so when I saw the FeeTreat ones on the clearance shelf, I had to try them.

FeeTreat Pedi Look Beauty - Instructions

Each box contains two packets each holding a pair of FeeTreat Pedi foot mask booties.  You simply wash your feet (I just use them after getting out of a hot bath), open the packet and peel open the booties as they are sealed at the opening to keep the essence inside them.  Slip on the booties and wear for 20-30 minutes.

The FeeTreat Pedi’s essence is made with shea butter, apple and peppermint.  They do not smell great, kind of like alcoholic apple drinks but they work.  After wearing them for almost an hour while I watched tv, my feet were cold and waterlogged from the essence, but after just 5-10 minutes of removing them, my skin had plumped back up.  The dry areas were really soft and stayed that way for over a week with normal moisturizing.

FeeTreat Pedi Look Beauty - Booties

The FeeTreat Pedi booties are not what I expected from the image shown where they looked more like socks.  They are big plastic booties, similar to the HandTreat ones I reviewed before, and have a seam along the middle so it sits along the centre of your foot.  Not the most comfortable when you have to wear them for a while.  Since they are not form fitting, I felt the need to squish them against the skin occasionally as they do not touch the skin in all places.

You can feel the coolness of peppermint in the essence almost immediately, so expect cold feet while you wear them.  Not the best for winter but would probably feel great on a hot summer day.

FeeTreat Pedi Foot Masks by Look Beauty are available for $9.99 (2 pack) at Shoppers Drug Mart.  I tried the moisturizing one, but if you need it, they also have an exfoliating foot mask in the FeeTreat line.

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