All You Need Is (Cheap) Cheese


Okay life is so much more than cheese but cheap cheese makes it better.

Target had this amazing unadvertised sale on select cheeses. They are not tagged so you have to grab some Saputo or Market Pantry cheeses and scan to check if it is a participating product.  Each of these items were $1.49 and some had coupons too making it an even more amazing deal.

Do check the dates as some are much earlier than others, I searched the fridges and took ones with expiry dates June or later unless it is something I know we will use before then.

  • Market Pantry Mild Cheddar $1.49
  • Market Pantry Medium Cheddar $1.49
  • Market Pantry Pizza Mozzarella $1.49
  • Market Pantry Shredded Mozzarella $1.49
  • Saputo Mozzarelissimma $1.49 – $0.75 coupon = $0.74
  • Philadelphia Fat Free Cream Cheese (tubs only and not light or regular) $1.49 – $1 WUB2 coupon from Kraft/Websaver = $0.99

I got 4 of each of the cheeses above for around $30.  Check other types of Armstrong and Saputo cheese if you are shopping too, I picked up some yesterday at a different Target store but my local one only had these left when I went to stock up today.

  • Saputo Mozzarelissimma (500g) $1.99 – $0.75 coupon
  • Armstrong mild cheese (500g block) $1.79
  • Kraft Natural Cheese Slices (Havarti only) $0.99
  • Black Diamond Cheese Slices (fat free only) $0.99 – $0.75 coupon

Now I need to find a lot of cheese recipes.

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8 thoughts on “All You Need Is (Cheap) Cheese

    1. I know, I refuse to pay more than $1/100g for regular cheese so amazing to stock up at such a cheap price. The cashier was looking forward to her break 15 mins later to buy some too

  1. I too stumbled upon the cheap cheese sale delight too. I love cheese and felt like a winner scoring such a wicked deal. My Target even had their baby bell cheese on sale for $1.99 too.

  2. I could almost cry. I went to the Target in Burlington Mall on Thursday and managed to find some of the marked down cheese but alas, it took me longer to do the rest of my errands and then get home than I had planned, and 4 1/2 hours later I found that my cheese seemed to have gone “off”. It smells ok but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth that won’t go away so there’s no way to salvage it. There’s a lesson learned the hard way to buy all dairy products last before leaving to go home.

    1. Oh no, we keep a cooler in the truck just in case we get held up while out, I once bought loads of chicken on sale only to witness an accident and the cops made us stay there over an hour to give a statement

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