Da Bird Cat Toy – Best Toy For A Lazy Cat

Izzy Playing With Da Bird Cat Toy

Like many indoor cats, our cats are lazy.  The have so many cat toys, many of them expensive and untouched, but the Da Bird will always be their favourite.  One of mine likes catnip toys but he will just lay there bunny kicking it, not quite  the exercise my little chubster needs so I was so happy when we first got the Da Bird for one of the other cats and he not only liked it but loves it.

About the Da Bird Cat Toy


Sure, it looks like any other wand toy with a feather on the end but there is something about the Da Bird that beats out their other cat toys.  It mimics a bird in flight with a fluttering feather noise and spins around as it moves sending them into wild mode.

You can buy the Da Bird cat toy at Pet Valu and many other pet stores (if you need to request it, it is made by Go Cat).  Spend the extra on the wand that comes in one piece as the two piece one tends to break apart when they play.

It costs $9-12 for a Da Bird and refills are around $7 but you can get them much cheaper online.  They have different attachments if your cat does not like feathers but ours have a definite preference for the feather refills.

Cats Need Exercise Too

When we first discovered the Da Bird, it was not readily available in Canada and I had to order from the US, but it was literally a lifesaver for the 30lb cat we adopted.  The vet said he had to lose weight safely but quickly and we had to have him exercise 3-4 times a day for 20 minutes.

Normally you can get a cat to play for maybe 5 before they get bored, remember they own your soul and walk off with their tail in the air but he loved playing with the Da Bird.  We had to take him into another room because the other cats would jump higher and take it from him, but he got down to 18lbs with a healthy diet and regular play time.  Still a large cat but he was big boned and he was older by then – so who cares if he was a little plump.

See It In Action

Roo is fairly active in comparison to our other cats, he never grew out of kitten play and will carry a ball to the stop of the stairs and drop it so he has something to chase but the Da Bird is by far his favourite.  He leaps in the air to catch it, the others while not so active will jump a bit to get it but not to the same heights.  We now play with him on the spare bed because we worry about him landing hard and hurting himself.

The Da Bird Cat Toy from Tea & Nail Polish on Vimeo.
So if you have a lazy cat, I recommend it to get them moving.  While they may not be leaping like Roo, the others will chase it and do smaller jumps to try and catch it.

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10 Replies to “Da Bird Cat Toy – Best Toy For A Lazy Cat”

  1. Your cat is so beautiful!

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Chandra Christine O'Connor says: Reply

    I have a feather on a bouncy stick but I use it on my dogs lol

  3. I want my cat to be more active too so I will look around for this. Thanks for the review!

  4. Wow! My cat would have loved that! I used to use a piece of string and he would happily chase and leap after it. I don’t think he got as high up as Roo, what an apt name for that kitty!

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      He was a hand feeder, I had him at work with me and stuck him in my pocket for a min while I grabbed a file, they started calling him KRoo (and sadly me, Kanga :/ ) and it stuck

  5. My cats don’t play very much and spend a lot of time sleeping. I think, though, that they may enjoy this toy. Looks like fun for them!

  6. Elizabeth D. says: Reply

    I just saw a video for this earlier today on Facebook posted by a local store called “Live Right Pet Supplies” and they showed their store cat Loki trying this out. So that’s two cats now I’ve seen going nuts for it. I have to get one for my cat because she’s such a ball of energy sometimes when I’m not so I like toys that can be busy for her but lazy for me. Thanks!

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      Elizabeth, I volunteer in an animal shelter and have not found one cat that won’t at least lay there and batt at it. It amuses me to see 10 cats try to catch it at once, all colliding with each other and too focused on the game of “catch the birdie” to realize they don’t like other cats.
      Roo has way too much energy so we play with him with this for 15-20 mins twice a day, basically until he is tired or panting and we stop – otherwise we wouldn’t get any sleep because he would be bouncing off the walls all night

  7. What a jumper! Do your other cats jump like Roo?

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