Sad To See BufferBox Go


I for one am sad to see BufferBox winding down their service, sure they were not widely used but for me the convenience of someone else signing for my parcels and me picking them up at the GO Station was something I would have paid for.

Locally, UPS will only make one delivery attempt – and I am not sure they always knock as I have been home and got a pickup card – and Purolator and FedEx pick up locations are really out of the way.  Canada Post drops off at a local Pharmacy, but it is on a one way street so I can’t take transit both ways and have to walk with my parcels.  BufferBox meant someone else would sign for them and as I got home I could grab them and go.

I guess I will be paying for a box at the UPS Store now as I like having somewhere local to get my parcels.


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