Pure Leaf Green Tea with Mint Review

Pure Leaf Green Tea with Mint Review 3

Pure Leaf Green Tea with Mint Review 1

The best of both worlds.  A green tea with a light mint taste from real peppermint and none of the bitter mint aftertaste. Pure Leaf incorporates long-leaf, single-origin Indonesian gunpowder green tea coupled with real peppermint leaves to deliver a cool blast of refreshment with a lingering cooling effect.

Both peppermint and green tea have a bunch of health benefits but sometimes I am not in the mood for a grassier tasting green and pure peppermint tends to upset my stomach if I drink too much so this has become a quick favourite for me.

Pure Leaf Green Tea with Mint Review 2

As with other Pure Leaf teas, I wish they would reconsider the packaging to use a darker jar.  The size is perfect and reusable but not the ideal conditions for storing tea.  But that is the only real downside to Pure Leaf Green Tea with Mint.  The pyramid bags are a good size and allow the tea to steep.  The Pure Leaf bags are filled with actual tea leaves and not just dust.

Pure Leaf Green Tea with Mint Review 3

They do cost around $6-8 Canadian for 16 tea bags which is pricier for drug store availability.  You could probably mix a basic green tea and mint for less but the convenience and decent quality tea make them worth keeping in my purse.

Pure Leaf Green Tea with Mint Steeping Instructions: Place one pyramid tea bag in a mug. Bring water to a boil and let cool slightly to 80° C. Pour 200 mL into the mug and brew for three minutes. Squeeze bag and remove.

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  1. Nice package and wonderful tea, i drink many green teas, but this is first time i saw this brand, it looks amazing i would like to try. That’s cool! And the price is very reasonable.

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