Avon A Box Pro Picks Box For Fall 2017

Avon A Box Pro Picks Fall 2017 Skincare and Makeup - All Products

Many of us have dropped our subscription box habit for numerous reasons.  The main one for me was not loving the boxes and thinking that saving the $10-20 spent on each could be better used on stuff I love.  Add in the cost of shipping and some of the Canadian ones going out of business increasing the shipping cost from the US if you want them and the new Avon A Box program looks pretty good.   Rather than mystery items,[Read more]

The ABox by Avon: Divine Wine Fall Beauty Trend Box

Avon Fall Wine Trends Box 2017 - All Products

Ever want to refresh your makeup bag for a new season but are not sure where to start?  Avon will now sell curated boxes with the basics for a new themed look.  They currently have a skincare box available but I tried out the Fall Trends Divine Wine collection.  The box sells for $49 but they had a special offer if you spent $40 or more in the last ebrouchure so you can certainly pick them up for less.  You[Read more]

Avon Gel Finish Clover Nail Polish Swatches & Review

Avon Gel Finish Clover Nail Polish Swatch Stamped with MdU High Green polish and XYZ26 stamping plate

So many new shades from Avon’s Gel Finish line.  This is Clover and the fourth of the new shades hitting the next Avon catalogue.   If you missed them, see my swatches of Terracotta, Rose Noir and Head In Clouds.  Still to come after today’s beautiful light green is Violuxe.   I did not expect it to be a one coater given the more pastel colour, but Clover has decent opacity and completely covers visible nail line in two coats.  Dry time is good.[Read more]

Sandal Ready Feet With Mont Bleu & Avon Foot Works

Avon Foot Works Ginger & White Tea Collection and Mont Bleu Foot File Review

Along with the Mont Bleu nail files I mentioned yesterday, I also got a foot file which is great since it is sandal season and my feet are always in need of a little TLC.  I treated myself to an at-home pedicure using the Mont Bleu hand made glass foot file / pedicure rasp and Avon Foot Works Ginger and White Tea collection.  Avon’s latest Foot Works collection includes a smoothing scrub, clay mask and nourishing cream lotion.  I mean[Read more]

Avon Gel Finish Terracotta Nail Polish Swatches & Review

Avon Gel Finish Terracotta Nail Polish Stamped with Mdu Black and XY-Z01 stamping plate swatch

The third of the shades from Avon’s Gel Finish shade releases for July-August 2017 is Terracotta.  If you missed them, see my swatches of Rose Noir and Head In Clouds.  Still to come is Violuxe and Clover.  Terracotta is well named and the colour matches the name.  Like the others I have tried so far, it is not quite a one coater but fully opaque in two coats and no bald spots.  Dry time is good.  By the time you are[Read more]