Mark. Rebel + Ice Body Collection From Avon

Mark by Avon Rebel + Ice Collection Review

Mark by Avon Rebel + Ice Collection Review

A cool wintery scent to match the weather! Mark. Rebel + Ice is the newest body collection from Avon and this one really impresses.  No overpowering florals or fruity scents which have dominated recent collections.  Avon’s Mark. describes the scent as cool mountain air, winter iris and white birch woods.  It does give that cool snowy fresh air scent.  Almost masculine with a hint of floral.  Cool scents often mean mint and it is nice to see that it is not minty.  I love the packaging too which is mirrored on the matching scarf.

Mark. Rebel + Ice Body Wash

Mark by Avon Rebel + Ice Body Wash Review

Silky feeling with a nice lather, Mark. Rebel + Ice body wash has a nice greeny blue colour and a great formula.  It foams well without being overly bubbly.  Has a delicate scent that lasts and doesn’t dry your skin out.

Mark. Rebel + Ice Body Lotion

Mark by Avon Rebel + Ice Body Lotion Review

The body wash is great, but Mark. Rebel + Ice body lotion excels from the collection.  A light blue colour, this lotion is a great formula.  Not too thick or runny, it absorbs well and leave your skin moisturized.  Used after the body wash, it deepens the scent helping it last longer.

Mark. Rebel + Ice Body Mist

Mark by Avon Rebel + Ice Body Mist Review

Finish off with a spritz or two of Mark. Rebel + Ice Body Mist to help the scent last a few hours.  It does have a stronger scent than the body wash or lotion but still that cool wintery colour that is non offensive and a nice change from the fruity scents that have dominated my shower lately.

Most holiday collections were so strong, it is nice to have something quite light and fresh scented.  The Mark. Rebel + Ice collection retails for $10-$14 regular price but as with most Avon products, watch for special offers.  Shop online here or find your local Avon rep to order this wintery bath and body collection.  The matching scarf can be found here for $18.

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