TREO Lacquer Alice Swatches (Alice in Crellyland)

Treo Lacquer Alice Swatches 4

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Alice by TREO Lacquer

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If you are not familiar with TREO Lacquer, it is a Canadian Indie brand from Amanda Boss. TREO makes 10 Free small batch indie nail polish and is based in Atlantic Canada. Her releases all come in threes and her latest TREO-trio is Alice in Crellyland.

Alice is a white crelly filled with dark blue, blue, and yellow glitter. Yellow for her hair, blue for her dress, and dark for her shoes/hairband.

Cheshire Cat is a pink crelly filled with magenta, purple and yellow glitter. Magenta and purple for his stripes and yellow for his eyes.

Oh My Whiskers (inspired by the White Rabbit) is a white crelly filled with gold, red, and brown glitter. Red and brown for his outfit and gold for his pocket watch.

TREO polishes are $13.50 each for full size. Buy the collection for $34.43 or the trio of minis for $13.50 (minis are not available individually). The Alice in Crellyland collection will be available starting March 20th

TREO Lacquer Alice Swatches

Treo Lacquer Alice Swatches 1

You know I love anything blue! I have been a little spoiled with blue polishes lately. Alice by TREO Lacquer is a milky white crelly base with dark blue smaller glitter, a brighter light blue metallic glitter and larger yellow glitter. The yellow is more sparse so you may have to fish one out if you are fussier about getting some on every nail but the mix of blues by itself is pretty too.

Treo Lacquer Alice Swatches 5

Alice by TREO Lacquer 

Treo Lacquer Alice Swatches 4

The formula was pretty good and built well. With the exception of fishing out a few yellow glitter pieces, I had no issues. It could also have been because it settled during shipping and I used it right out of the envelope with just a light shake. There are balls in there to help mix up the heaps of glitter pieces in the bottle. It is pretty dense for a crelly but with a smooth formula and I prefer the less sparse look as white can look too much on me.

Treo Lacquer Alice Swatches 3

Treo Lacquer Alice Swatches 2

TREO Lacquer Alice (Alice in Crellyland) Overview

  • Coats required:  3 for my strong visible nail line
  • Dry time:  Good
  • Wear time: Good, I wore this for 4 days before removal with minimal tip wear
  • Issues: Nothing major but the yellow glitters may need fishing out if you are fussy about getting some on every nail
  • Colour: White crelly with dark blue, lighter metallic blue and yellow glitter
  • Buy It: $13.50 for full size. Buy the collection for $34.43 or the trio of minis for $13.50 (minis are not available individually). Available from her website here. Available March 20th.

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