KISS Hand & Nail Mask Gloves Review

Kiss Hand and Nail Glove Masks Review

Kiss Hand and Nail Glove Masks Review

Despite constant lotion, my hands are always dry.  So I love a regular hand mask.  I usually use FaceQ ones because they are cheap and sold at the Asian grocery store near me so are convenient.  But I came across this KISS Hand & Nail Mask Gloves at Walmart recently.  You know why I had to have them?  These ones are touchscreen friendly.  Because not doing anything for 20 minutes is so hard.  They are $3.97 for one pair of mask gloves.  More than I usually pay but still very affordable.  They are infused with hydrating Argan Oil, Collagen, and Vitamin E.  This mix is meant to nourish, repair & rejuvenate even the roughest skin in 15-20 minutes.

Kiss Hand and Nail Glove Masks Review

The KISS Hand & Nail Mask Gloves are a decent size, even for my chubby hands.  They tear apart at the wrist and come with a tab to keep them in place while wearing them.  They include

  • Argan Oil to provide deep hydration
  • Collagen to reviatalize skin and nails
  • Vitamin E for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties

Kiss Hand and Nail Glove Masks Review

The gloves have enough serum that there is some left to massage into your hands at the end but not so much they feel soaking wet the whole time.  It has a nice clean but slightly sweet scent to the serum.  Unlike some affordable brands I have tried, they are quite sturdy.  You can stretch your fingers (within reason) and they don’t break between the fingers.

They left my hands feeling really soft.  I probably wore them for a little longer than 20 minutes by the time I was done photographing them and got distracted by my tablet testing their touchscreen abilities.  I would definitely buy them again and stock up if I found them on sale.

KISS Hand & Nail Glove Mask Ingredients

Kiss Hand and Nail Glove Masks Ingredients and Instructions

Simply wash your hands, slip on the gloves.  Close the tabs to keep the serum in the gloves and wear for 15-20 minutes.  Once done, massage any leftover serum into your hands.

So How Touchscreen Friendly Are KISS Hand & Nail Glove Masks?

Kiss Hand and Nail Glove Masks Review - Touchscreen Friendly Glove Masks

The KISS Hand & Nail Glove Masks are not form fitting.  So there are limits to their touchscreen abilities as you have some bunched up plastic at the tips of your fingers.  That being said, I could easily swipe on my phone and tablet.  They are not as plasticy sounding as my usual brand when I move my hands too.  The cats came over to sniff them rather than running away.

Typing is another matter.  Autocorrect had fun when I tried to reply to an email, but it was simple enough to use voice instead of typing or wait 20 minutes.  But as far as swiping to play a simple game, hitting play, liking pics on instagram etc, they are great.

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