Alter Ego Actone Additive – Limited Edition Canadian Scents

Alter Ego Nanaimo Bar Scented Acetone Additive NaNa In My Opinion

Nail polish is great, until you have to remove it. You know that white residue and dryness left from 100% acetone, well Acetone Additive can stop that. Alter Ego Acetone Additives are made with glycerin, Vitamin E oil and fragrance oil. It reduces the harshness of acetone while still keeping the full effectiveness of the acetone.

The scent is quite long lasting. I could smell Tale of a Beaver on my nails for a couple of hours after using it despite rinsing my hands after removing polish. It isn’t super strong that it would be noticeable, but whenever my hands were near my face, I caught a whiff.

Alter Ego Ts Double Shot Acetone Additive IEC Exclusive 2

If you have a sensitivity to Jojoba Oil, this is the acetone additive for you. Made with the thickest Vitamin E Oil (70,000 IU) Cynthia could find, a little goes a long way. While most bottles of acetone additive should be mixed with 250ml acetone, Alter Ego’s is made to pour in most readily available bottles at 350-400ml (12-14oz). So while it costs a little more than some of the others, it goes much further.

There are four new Canadian inspired scents that will launch at Indie Expo Canada. They will be available from the Alter Ego store after the show.

Nana In My Opinion – Nanaimo Bar Scented Acetone Additive by Alter Ego

Alter Ego Nanaimo Bar Scented Acetone Additive NaNa In My Opinion

Not sure what a Nanaimo Bar is? Your waistline is probably thanking you! It is a calorie laden dessert made of three layers: a wafer and coconut crumb-base, custard flavoured butter icing in the middle and a layer of chocolate ganache on top.

You get that sweet coconut chocolate scent all in this tiny bottle of acetone additive.

Tale of a Beaver – Beavertail Scented Acetone Additive by Alter Ego

Alter Ego Beavertail Scented Acetone Additive Tale of a Beaver

Another one that you need to try but your waistline will hate you. Beavertails are fried sweet dough covered in everything from sugar, cinnamon, chocolate (or nutella) and even candy. They are shaped like a beaver’s tail.

This one has a strong bakery scent. A hint of apples, dough, cinnamon and more. Overall, just a sweet scent, none of the notes are particularly strong.

T’s Double Shot – Tim’s Double Double Inspired Scent in Acetone Additive by Alter Ego

Alter Ego Ts Double Shot Acetone Additive IEC Exclusive 3

Canadians live on Tim Hortons coffee. The “go to” is two cream and two sugar (not my regular but you know, people love it). It is called a Double Double.

Rather than a regular coffee scent, this one has more creamy notes and some sweetness to mimic a true Double Double (without the scent of burning coffee hitting you as you walk through the doors).

Maple Everything – Maple Syrup Scented Acetone Additive by Alter Ego

Alter Ego Maple Scented Acetone Additive Maple Everything

I mean, what Canadian inspired collection doesn’t have a maple scented product? This one is fairly self explanatory. It smells like maple syrup.

How To Use Alter Ego Acetone Additive

Simply shake the small bottle well to mix and pour into 8oz of 100% pure acetone. Alter Ego’s acetone additive does have quite a bit of oil in it, so make sure to shake your acetone bottle between each use. Personally, I use a separate bottle without acetone additive for stamping plates to limit oil on them but I know plenty of people use it without issue.

These will be available at Indie Expo Canada for $6.50 Canadian or buy online after for $5US. Shipping to Canada for several bottles is usually around $15.

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