Cuticle Care After Moving Day

Cuticle Care With Cuter Cuticles Avon Sally Hansen Zoya

Cuticle Care With Cuter Cuticles Avon Sally Hansen Zoya

I try my best to look after my nails and cuticles but in general, they tend towards dry and my nails break easily once past the tips of my fingers.  Moving however, left my nails looking horrible.  As in, there is no way I am swatching polishes or playing with my new stamping plates when they finally arrive (looking at you Born Pretty and Pueen).

The two weeks before moving day were filled with packing, deep cleaning two apartments (because the person who lived here did not leave it the way I left mine), painting, and little DIY jobs.  A few days before moving day, my beloved bottle of CND Solar Oil ran out and my nails really felt the lack of cuticle care as I did not have time to sit down for a good manicure.

Then my Cuter Cuticles order arrived and I decided that I really should take an hour before I run out of scheduled blog posts and still don’t want to show you my ugly nails!

Cuticle Care With Cuter Cuticles Review

I still had not unpacked all of my nail stuff (in fact, I still haven’t found my nail art mat or crystal nail files now) but I slathered on some Cuter Cuticles chocolate cuticle oil ahead of what I knew would be a tough manicure and let that soak in for a while.

Cuticle Care With Sally Hansen Avon

I stole the Revlon file that my cat uses as a chew toy to fix my broken nails and shorten them all to the same length.  Strange cat, but it is easier to give him one than fight him for mine, I swear he sits there and files his teeth and claws at night so he can leave a nasty slash on my swatching hand.

I usually use Sally Hansen’s Cuticle Eraser but that is somewhere hiding with my nail files, so I turned to the instant cuticle remover I received from Avon recently.  While it is not as strong as Sally Hansen’s, it is also more gentle and did not leave my nails and remaining cuticle feeling as hard so it turned out to be a good choice.

I hate clipping my cuticles, but this didn’t get rid of everything so I gently clipped the bad areas then soaked my digits for 10 minutes with a fizzing Cuter Cuticles Fruit Loops Mani Bomb to hydrate and make sure I got rid of all of the cuticle remover.

Then using Sally Hansen’s 18K Gold Cuticle Eraser, gave my nails a good scrub and removed the residue using Zoya Remove+ which works well but is gentle at the same time.

Cuticle Care After Manicure

Then a couple of coats of polish and while not perfect, not so embarrassing that I can’t take photos of my nails!

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5 Replies to “Cuticle Care After Moving Day”

  1. I’ve been curious about that SH 18k cuticle eraser… How exactly does it work? Also hooray, is the moving all done now? 🙂

    1. Still a few boxes to unpack, things to move around for better lighting/access to outlets but pretty much done.
      It is a liquid with gold scrubby beads, and the white cap end has little nubs to further scrub. It can be a bit harsh when used too often but every couple of weeks removes dead skin and freshens up the look

  2. Ugh yes. I need one of these days too!

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  4. Great post! I love reading about people’s hand care regimens.

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