Craftadian Secret DIY Night – Making Bubble Scoops & Clay Bowls

Craftadian DIY NIght - Small Batch Soaps - Bath Bomb Bubble Scoops

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend a secret DIY night with some of the makers from the upcoming Craftadian show in Hamilton.  We got to choose from making Bubble Scoops with Small Batch Soaps, clay bowls or pinch pots with CeramicSense, beaded rings with Pyzoo Handmade or stamped bracelets with Dream Willow Studio. These makers, along with lots more will be at Craftadian on December 1st.  You can get your shopping done in person, from local makers (and not worry about it not getting shipped to you in time).  I will have my usual shopping guide for the market soon!

The event was at Steel City Studio.  It is a coworking studio near downtown Hamilton.  I have looked into coworking places before. My place doesn’t have amazing lighting for photos but it always seemed like I would be disturbing people.  Steel City Studio is different as it is all makers doing their thing.

You know I love Small Batch Soaps from reviews of her stuff including Unicorn Soap, so I started there and went on to make a clay bowl to use for photos of nail polish bottles.

Making Bubble Scoops with Small Batch Soaps at Craftadian’s Secret DIY Night

Craftadian DIY NIght - Small Batch Soaps - Bath Bomb Colour Powder

Ever wonder how your bath bombs get coloured or if they are safe to use? Small Batch Soaps uses cosmetic approved colours.

Craftadian DIY NIght - Small Batch Soaps - Bath Bomb Mix

We started with premade mix that was cream in colour and just mixed up the colours we wanted to use.  We were supposed to be making mermaid ones but went with whatever we wanted (even glitter, which I love until I have to clean my tub).  I was paired up with Kelly from Beauty by Birdy, a fellow CBB Member.

Craftadian DIY NIght - Small Batch Soaps - Bath Bomb Making

Once we got our colours mixed, we smooshed them together and made ice cream scoops of bubble mix to take home and enjoy a bath with.

Craftadian DIY NIght - Small Batch Soaps - Bath Bomb Bubble Scoops

My tub of Bubble Scoops including some hidden khaki ones at the bottom for him to use since I made a boo boo and put my mix down on my messy mat.

Making Bowls with CeramicSense

Craftadian DIY NIght - Making Bowls with Ceramic Sense

I adore handmade mugs, but they rarely make it into my tea reviews as I end up using a glass mug so you can see the colour of the tea.  Doesn’t stop me buying more mugs but I am trying to cut back.  But Ceramic Sense gave us the opportunity to make a bowl or pinch pot.  I made a bowl with uneven edges that I can lean the top of a nail polish bottle on for photos.  Once it is glazed and delivered back to me, expect to see it in photos!

Craftadian DIY NIght - Making Bowls with Ceramic Sense 2

Others made cute bowls with different designs or jewelry with one of the other makes, Pyzoo Handmade or Dream Willow Studio, who you will know from my wish bracelets and other posts in the past.

If you are attending Craftadian to shop local, they have partnered with The Shoebox Project again this year.  Bring a donation for a woman in need and get discounted admission.  The show will be held at McMaster Innovation Park on December 1st starting at 10am.  Show up early as they have swag bags for the first in line!  I promise that the stuff being sold will be better than the ones I made too.

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6 Replies to “Craftadian Secret DIY Night – Making Bubble Scoops & Clay Bowls”

  1. This looks like such a fun event! Those bubble scoops look like they were fun and easy to make. I went to a bath bomb making class once and it was so hard to get them to not crumble. Most people left with baggies of bath fizzy powder which also works I guess lol

  2. Fantastic sounding! Too make soap would rock and I have never seen that colour before for bath bombs.

  3. Debbie White-Beattie says: Reply

    This looks like a fun thing to do and the little bowls you made are cute

  4. Sounds soooo fun – I want to make my own bath products!

  5. Looks like you had such a great time! I’m sad I wasn’t able to make it. I love the bath bombs you made, so cute!!

    1. You should definitely come next time. Craftadian is Saturday and the organizers will be there if you want to introduce yourself & get to know some local makers

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