Live Clean Liquid Hand Soaps Holiday Collection

Live Clean Holiday Hand Soaps

Live Clean Holiday Hand Soaps Reviews - vanilla peppermint, holly berry and gingerbread latte

I wash my hands a lot between swatching.  You get glitter and pooling even with liquid latex and careful removal.  So a good hand soap is important.  Live Clean hand soaps are moisturizing while being 98% plant derived and paraben, phthalate and SLS free.  So helpful when you are washing your hands multiple times in an hour, and even for keeping germs at bay during the winter flu season.  Live Clean recently released their holiday collection with three liquid hand soaps to suit your preferred Christmas scent.  They are only $4 at my local grocery store and a decent sized bottle at 500ml to get you lots of uses per bottle.

Live Clean Vanilla Peppermint Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap

Live Clean Holiday Hand Soaps - Vanilla Peppermint Review

You know how people go crazy for PSL season?  That is me with mint stuff at Christmas.  Make it all minty.  I think it goes back to my uncle buying me a “grown up” box of After Eights as a kid.  Live Clean Vanilla Peppermint hand soap was a staple in my bathroom last winter so I am happy to see it back again this year.  It is just the right amount of mint and vanilla.  Not too cool, not too warm.  Just crisp and clean scented.

Live Clean Holly Berry Moisturizing Hand Soap

Live Clean Holiday Hand Soaps - Holly Berry Review

I am not sure what I expected Live Clean Holly Berry Liquid Hand Soap to smell like.  More “green” I guess but it is actually quite a sweet fruity berry scent.  More the kind of scent I use in summer but I know lots of people love sweet scents year round.  It definitely has the most Christmassy packaging of the collection so will probably make it into the kitchen in December when I put up decorations.

Live Clean Gingerbread Latte Liquid Hand Soap

Live Clean Holiday Hand Soaps - Gingerbread Latte Review

New this year is Live Clean Gingerbread Latte hand soap.  Warm , spicy yet an underlying creaminess, I am probably going to lose this one to his work bag (construction sites never have soap).  It is that warm, inviting scent like baking that just cheers up your day a little and definitely one to try while you can.

Live Clean holiday soaps are showing up now.  My local Sobeys was putting them out today.  But you can also get them from or Walmart.  They are enriched with Vitamin E and ProVitamin B5 to nourish as they cleanse with a holiday scent.  These are limited edition so if you want them, pick them up soon.

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  1. I didn’t know they did holiday releases! I love Live Clean!

  2. We love having the Live Clean Vanilla Peppermint hand soap in our house, but I have to try the Ginger Latte this year.

  3. I will be picking these up for my daughter.

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