What Does Your Postal Code Say About You?

I can’t say I thought much about what our postal code would be when we moved.  In fact, I remember pulling out papers trying to find it when we went to the post office to get mail forwarded from our old place.  But your postal code says a lot about you and Environics has broken it down so you can see what marketers and researchers think when they see your postal code.

Environics PRIZM5 consists of 68 segments that capture current demographics, lifestyles, consumer behaviour and settlement patterns in Canada to give you the latest insights into the behaviour and mindset of consumers in your area.  So I entered my postal code into PRIZM5 to see what it said about me

Environics PRIZM5 Lunch at Tims Postal Code

image (c) Environics

Living in Hamilton, Tim Hortons is fairly apt as the first ever Timmies was/is in the city and they are always busy.  That being said, I am not sure how much I personally fit into the categories.  My street is mostly families with both parents still in the home, as a couple with no children we felt a little out of place when we first moved to the street.  The only single person I can think of is the older woman who lives 2 houses away.

I can’t say knitting is a big past time and most people think movies are overpriced and wait for them to come on pay per view or even TV.  That being said, the streets either side of me are quite different and likely fit the description really well.  The categories are based on averages for the area.  I realize that, but next time a store asks for my postal code, I might think twice (or three times because I already ask why) before giving it to them.

Our other issue is that we moved in the last few years, so many of our traits might show in our old postal code?  So I looked that up too.  That got me Silver Linings – likely to be older, educated and volunteer.  While Burlington does tend to an older population, our particular area is hard to categorize with older large houses that have been in the family for generations, upscale condos and older apartment buildings filled with seniors and young couples starting out.  The joys of being close to the GO Station.  It did however describe the area better than I think Lunch at Tims (pfft I wish I had time for lunch) does – maybe I should move!

What does your postal code say about you?  I would love to know.  You can check here.

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3 Replies to “What Does Your Postal Code Say About You?”

  1. Wow! I am impressed because they nailed it! We are mostly made up of baby boomers; about two-thirds and we love camping fishing hunting and shopping in our local near by towns and cities.This is so cool.I didn’t know our postal codes say so much about us.

  2. They got my neighbourhood, pretty bang-on… The one thing that was not true was the number of Baby Boomers; we have more Gen-X’ers.

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