Getting Stronger, Healthier Nails with iHerb

Stronger Nails with iHerb Canada

Stronger Nails with iHerb Canada

Between health issues, doing more around the house with my boyfriend injured and stress of dealing with his injury, my nails have been a mess and I have been trying anything and everything to make them healthier.  So I have teamed up with iHerb to provide this sponsored post showing some nail and cuticle health products I have been trying.  While this post is sponsored, all opinions of the products are my own as always.

If you are not familiar with iHerb, while they are based in the US, they ship to over 160 countries and carry over 7,000 bath and beauty products that can be shipped internationally.  I often avoid international shipping because I hate paying brokerage fees.  But iHerb offers two really affordable international shipping options that allow you to prepay taxes – without the $10+ fee for collecting customs.  I paid just a few dollars for shipping with DHL plus the taxes owed and my order was here in a couple of days!  But they have a slightly slower option for free shipping when you spend $40 too.

All Customers can get a discount off their iHerb order and New Customers can get an additional $5 off their minimum $40 order by clicking here.  So a great time to try out iHerb or make that order for items sitting in your cart.

Stronger, Healthier Nails with iHerb

Stronger Nails with iHerb Canada review

There is very little you can do for already weak nails.  They don’t really repair but you can make them look better and ensure no additional damage is done by using healthier products like Suncoat water based base coat and Pacifica 7 Free nail polishes.  Then start growing healthier nails by using Nature’s Bounty Extra Strength Hair, Skin & Nails with Biotin and nourish the nails and keep cuticles soft to allow new healthy nail growth.  I got all of these products for under $70US from iHerb so they have great pricing too.

Growing Stronger, Healthier Nails with Natures Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails from iHerb

Stronger Nails with iHerb Canada - Natures Bounty Hair Skin and Nails Review

I have mentioned my love of Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails before.  Partly because they have gummies and that cuts down on additional pills.  But since my nails are in rough shape, I went for the Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Extra Strength soft gels.  Rather than go with larger pills, the dosage is three easier to swallow softgels a day for full Biotin for nail growth.  That gives you over 1500% of the Biotin needed for a healthy diet.  Plus they have Argan Oil, Hyaluronic Acid and other goodies like collagen to promote healthier growth.

Ultra Nails Nutrient Activated Nail Strengthener from iHerb

Stronger Nails with iHerb Canada - Ultra Nails Strengthener

Many nail strengtheners I have tried either make my nails peel or are just a thick base coat.  So Ultra Nails Nutrient Activated Nail Strengthener is a bit different.  Each nutrient-rich application strengthens and conditions with a mix of nutrients and mucopolysaccharides, for stronger, harder nails that are less brittle.  You are meant to use this as an overnight “mask” and rinse off before polishing.  Usually I would say that little can help already brittle nails and while one still broke when using this (it already had a stress mark from an earlier bend), my ring finger nail which is my problem one does actually feel less bendy.

Healthier Cuticles For Stronger Nail Growth with iHerb

Stronger Nails with iHerb Canada - Miss Spa Deep Therapy Glove Mask Review

No matter how much biotin you take, if your cuticles are not healthy, your nails will suffer.  For some people, hand cream is enough but that is not the case for most of us (and likely you if you are reading this).  My hands suffer even more from swatching and removing multiple polishes in a day.  Especially with harsh acetone.  So every couple of weeks, I like to kick back with a hand mask to soften my hands and cuticles while I watch Netflix.  I grabbed a pair of Miss Spa Deep Therapy gloves from iHerb.  While face masks are easy to find in stores, hand masks are harder so I tend to stock up.  Good news as iHerb offers discounts on most products if you buy multiples!

These have a fairly light scent but left my hands feeling great.  I love that they have sticky tabs at the wrists to keep them firmly on – and I could still use my phone even though they are not meant to be touchscreen friendly.

Cuticle Oil Options from iHerb

Stronger Nails with iHerb Canada - Cuticle Care from iHerb Canada

Cuticle health is where it is at for me.  But bottles of cuticle oil are not exactly travel friendly for day to day use, trust me – I have ruined a purse with a bottle of oil with a loose cap before.  So I tend to look for a bottle of intensive cuticle oil to keep on my desk and at home then a pen or balm for on the go as I use them four times a day.

California Mango’s Mango Magic Cuticle Oil is not one I have seen in Canada before but works really well.  The brush is a good size and the bristles are stiff enough that you apply oil where you want it and not all over the place.  The mango scent lasts but is not overly strong.  If you don’t use a cuticle oil currently, you will be surprised how much better your nails look just by getting rid of that dry looking cuticle rim on your manicure.

For on the go use, I picked up a Theraneem Naturals Nail & Cuticle Pen.  It is more medicinal in scent than Mango Magic but the lid stays put in my purse so no oily mess.  I know some people do not do well with Jojoba based oils so this is the one for you as it has a Sesame Oil, Cocoa Butter and Neem oil base.

At night, I slather on Badger Cuticle Balm over my absorbed cuticle oil to further nourish but also protect my cuticles.  The balm takes longer to absorb than oils and is shea butter and olive oil based.

Using Healthier Polishes To Keep Nails Healthy

iherb pacifica nail polish swatches

When my nails are weak, I tend to keep them short.  File them in one direction to minimize stress on the nail causing them to break as they grow.  iHerb offers one discounted trial item per order.  I picked up a branded nail file with shower cap and mirror for summer travel for just $0.10 with my iHerb order.

You can undo all of your hard work with your nail polish.  With good bases out there these days, there really is no reason for toxic stuff like formaldehyde, toluene, or dibutyl phthalate to be in nail polishes but many of the big brands are not even 3-Free.  So look for polishes that are like Pacifica (shown here in Bianca and Desert Princess) that are not only 7-Free but also Vegan and cruelty free.  They have great opacity too, so don’t let excuses like formula and needing carmine for red polishes deter you from looking for healthier polishes.

Base and top coats can be the worst offenders as they are touching your nails.  I picked Suncoat water based clear base and top coat from iHerb to finish off my manicure.  It does take longer to dry than conventional base or top coats.  The blue look goes away when dry so won’t ruin your manicure.  A water based top coat is also great to have over nail art like glitter or foil where conventional polish will literally melt the pretty foil.

Save when you shop with iHerb!

Iherb new customer discounts

You can get a discount off your order by clicking here! If you are a new customer, that link will also give you $5 off when you spend $40 (US) or more.  You need to make sure you have spent $40US after discounts for free shipping.  But that extra $5 pretty much covers the HST/Customs for the $50 in products I have sitting in my iHerb cart right now letting me get an extra item.

Stronger Nails with iHerb Canada - Insta Story

Reminder: This post was sponsored by iHerb and all products supplied.  This post does include affiliate links but you can save by using them!  

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