Win A Sally Hansen Salon Gel Starter Kit *Giveaway*


nail polish - zoey

Like Zooey Deschanel, I hate not having my nails painted but as I mentioned, life has been crazy lately.  I have not had time for nail appointments and painting my nails regularly.

Luckily, I have a gel nail polish kit.  I am rough on my nails, I rarely wear regular polish for more than a few days.  I can’t stand tipwear or chipped nails and change the colour to match what I am wearing.  This hasn’t been an option in recent months, so I was so happy to have gel polishes that would last 10 days.


While more expensive than regular polishes, especially while considering the price of a LED or UV light to cure the polish, the maintenance is so much lower.  I don’t care how busy I am, I would rather go out with bare nails than chipped polish like the hand above.

Using a gel kit is as easy as painting your nails (easier in fact, it doesn’t dry until cured so you can clean up the edges before curing for a perfect manicure.  You paint your nails with the base coat and cure then do the same thing with the colour and top coats.  Each time, make sure you tidy the edges, the polish will lift as your nails grow if on your cuticles.  Then wipe off the sticky layer and you are done!  The best thing you about gel polish, it is completely cured.  I typically have the time to do my nails in the late evening, but wake up with slight indentations from my pillow/comforter on my nails and that new manicure shine is gone.

Win the Sally Hansen Salon Gel Starter Kit

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131 Replies to “Win A Sally Hansen Salon Gel Starter Kit *Giveaway*”

  1. Allison Whitmore says: Reply

    I really like the “Back to the Fushia” colour! 🙂

  2. I love Raisin The Bar!

  3. I like wine not

  4. I like the Blue My Mind best

  5. I like MERMAID’S TALE.

  6. I like the Raisin the Bar

  7. I like the RED MY LIPS!!!

  8. Michele Pickles says: Reply

    Kook A Mango is a very fun colour!

  9. Ruby Do is my kinda color! I’d love to try that one for sure 🙂

  10. I like Ruby Do!

  11. my fave colour is Red My Lips

  12. I love 450 Get Mod!

  13. i like rosey riveter

  14. Stephanie LaPlante says: Reply

    My favorite is #340 Hydro Electric

  15. 170 commander in chic

  16. Mermaids tale <3

  17. I like red my lips

  18. Red My Lips is really nice.

  19. My favourite is Jaded! Such a beautiful colour!

  20. twinkled pink

  21. Mermaids tale

  22. 540 COMBUSTEALBLE is my favorite

  23. My favorite is Pink Pong

  24. Cherry Cherry Bang is beautiful

  25. I like the Pat on the Black! Classic dark purple! Look forward to hopefully trying this line!

  26. Ruby Do for me

  27. Love: 170 Commander in Chic

  28. Pat on the Black

  29. love raisin the bar

  30. My choice is Peach of Cake–Complete Salon manicure

  31. I like the fuzzy coat 100 Wool Lite

  32. I love Mermaids tale!

  33. Cahley Tod-Tims says: Reply

    I would like to try 580 Black and Blue, so pretty and metallic!

  34. I like the 240 B Girl color:)

  35. My fave is brisk blue!

  36. Bamboo Shoot is pretty

  37. aarone mawdsley says: Reply

    I like the brisk blue color

  38. Love Expresso.

  39. Joanne Saunders says: Reply

    I love the Pinky Promise shade.

  40. I like the shade Ruby Do!

  41. Cinna-snap is beautiful !!!!!!!!!!

  42. I like the colour Blue My Mind.

  43. Marlene V. (Enelram) says: Reply

    I like the PLUM’S THE WORD

  44. I like Wine Not the best.

  45. I like Raisin the Bar best.

  46. Grape Gatsby

  47. ivy pluchinsky says: Reply

    I love Blue My Mind!

  48. I like the Blue My Mind

  49. I love “wine not”! 🙂

  50. I like the shade Street Flair, a nice purple.

  51. I like the Blue My Mind


  53. i love wine not

  54. My wife would love Rosy Outlook

  55. Wine Not is a beauty!

  56. Raisin the Bar

  57. Maggie Davidson says: Reply

    Wine Not!!

  58. I like Rosey Riviter.

  59. I like Ruby Do.

  60. Raisin the Bar

  61. Karla Sceviour says: Reply

    I like the Get Juiced

  62. I like wine not

  63. Doreen Lamoureux says: Reply

    I LIKE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE….. but many more though.

  64. Belinda McNabb says: Reply

    I like the Rosy Outlook

  65. Red my mind is amazing !

  66. I like the DISK-O QUEEN

  67. I really like the Pink Pong

  68. Marie Constantineau says: Reply

    I love Street Flair!

  69. I’d love to try the pink pong shade.

  70. Darlene Schuller says: Reply

    I would love to have Jaded

  71. 500 Fuzz sea

  72. I like Jaded the most.

  73. I like the Raisin the Bar!

  74. Sheer ecstasy is beautiful!

  75. Many options but raise the bar stands out.

  76. I like the French Twist color

  77. Elizabeth Vlug says: Reply

    Love so many, but will pick Red My Lips.

  78. 280 Love bug

  79. i reallly love the SUGAR SHIMMER SUGAR PLUM because i love anything with sparkles in it

  80. I really like the 240 Ruby Do

  81. jessica monahan says: Reply

    I also really like the Ruby

  82. I like Pat on the Black

  83. 340 Mint Sorbet ..CANT GET ENOUGH OF THIS COLOR 🙂

  84. Ooohh…I think I’d start with ‘Raisin the Bar’!

  85. I like Shell We Dance

  86. Blue My Mind looks pretty!

  87. Melissa Greco says: Reply

    I love the UNIQUE FIBER TEXTURE EFFECT in tweedy shade !

  88. I really like red snapper

  89. Raisin the Bar is my favorite.

  90. Betty MacDonald says: Reply

    I love the red but they are all great. Just started looking after my nails in the past year.

  91. I like any color that stays for more than a day and doesn’t chip! One of the main reasons I never do my nails!! 🙂

  92. I would like to try the Mad Women color, its fantastic.

  93. Red Zin!

  94. krystyl olson says: Reply

    hunger flames, hydroelectric and too haute are my favorites!

  95. Ruby all the way!

  96. Grape Gatsby

  97. raisin the bar is my favorite

  98. I love the colour pat on the black!

  99. Red Snapped is my fav!

  100. I like the Sally Hansen Gel 110 Birthday suit the best. Thanks

  101. I love Blue my Mind!

  102. I like Hunger Flames

  103. Mary Jaglowitz says: Reply

    I think I like the Commander in Chic. Just about any design or colour would go well with it I would probably just wear it as is since it is such an interesting and new colour.

  104. Valerie Mallette says: Reply

    I love the Blue My Mind colour nail polish.

  105. I love wine not. It has a bit of sparkle in it….awesome

  106. I like Mermaid’s tale!

  107. Christina Ferguson says: Reply

    I really like #500 Mad Women. Such a gorgeous shade of pink.

  108. I love lacey

  109. I really like SHELL WE DANCE

  110. I like Pink Punk.

  111. I like the Raisin the Bar

  112. After living in Tanzania for 18+ months volunteering, I’m sure my nails could use a pampering.

  113. Raisin the Bar

  114. I like red zin 🙂

  115. Mary Jaglowitz says: Reply

    I really like the new gel colours. There are many that I like.

  116. I really like the colour, Raisin the Bar! So sparkly & pretty.

  117. The Red My Lips color is just the perfect shade of red. I love it.

  118. RED MY LIPS because its the same colour as a fire truck 🙂

  119. My favourite is “Wine Not”! Very pretty!

  120. Christina Leek says: Reply

    Love the wine

  121. sarah jackson says: Reply

    Loving on wine not ! pretty

  122. Angela Mitchell says: Reply

    I like Raisin the Bar.

  123. I want them all but I really like wine not

  124. I love the color, “Rosy Outlook”. My nails are so long, that people ask me if they are fake. Of,course not. I started drinking A protein shake every morning, and they just started growing.

  125. I love your header. It looks so girly and cute.

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      Thank you!

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