Alter Ego Clever Girl Swatches (Velocirapture Collection)

Alter Ego Clever Girl Velocirapture Collection

Alter Ego - Clever Girl - Bottle Thumb

Alter Ego’s newest offering, the Velocirapture collection is inspired by Jurassic Park and will debut at Indie Expo Canada this week.  A rare time that us Canadians can get our hands on an Alter Ego collection first.  This chocolate brown with a chrome base is Clever Girl.  The inspiration comes from this clip in the movie:

This scene probably made me jump out of my skin when I first watched it.  Shows how far movies have come!

Alter Ego - Clever Girl - Bottle Brush

Alter Ego - Clever Girl - Brush Shot

Not quite a one coat wonder but very opaque, Alter Ego’s Clever Girl is fairly thick thanks to the chrome base but applies smoothly and levels easily.    You will see the silver of the chrome base in the polish.  In some light, it just gives it a glow while in others is noticeable.

Alter Ego Clever Girl Swatches

Alter Ego - Clever Girl - Artificial Lighting Closeup

Alter Ego - Clever Girl - Swatch in Artificial Lighting

In artificial lighting, you see the glow from the chrome base mentioned.  Alter Ego’s Clever Girl appears a touch more bronze than the chocolate brown you see in natural light.

Alter Ego - Clever Girl - Sunlight Closeup

Alter Ego - Clever Girl - Swatch in Sunlight 2

Alter Ego - Clever Girl - Swatch in Sunlight

In natural lighting, the colour is a bit richer but you see more of the chrome base which makes it not quite as warm as similar browns.

Removal, like the rest of the Alter Ego Velocirapture collection, was fairly easy.  You do need to rub a little to remove the chrome base but not scrub.  Using 100% acetone, I simply left it on the nail for a few seconds longer than normal and it wiped away.

Alter Ego Clever Girl Stamping Tests

Alter Ego - Clever Girl - Stamping Test 2

Alter Ego - Clever Girl - Stamping Test

This whole collection stamps well.  They are not stamping polishes but all show well on black and white.  Over black, you get a more foil/metallic look from the chrome base in Alter Ego’s Clever Girl.  Over white, it is not quite as opaque looking and is more of the chocolate brown colorant showing.

Alter Ego - Clever Girl - Bottle Thumb in Sunlight

Alter Ego Clever Girl (Velocirapture Collection) Overview

  • Coats required:  2 coats (but you might get away with one thick coat if you don’t have an especially visible nail line)
  • Dry time:  Good, nails were dry enough for the second coat
  • Wear time: Good, I am currently on day three of wearing this and it chipped while cleaning
  • Issues: Nothing major – requires a little scrubbing for removal.  No staining on the nail using sticky base coat.
  • Colour: Chocolate brown with chrome base.
  • Buy It:  Available through Alter Egos website later this month or get them early when you shop at Indie Expo Canada.  Not a limited edition polish.

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