Burlap & Twine (Hamilton Independent Business) Bath Bombs

Burlap & Twine Bath Bombs - All Types

Burlap & Twine Bath Bombs - All Types

I love supporting local businesses so am a big fan of Burlap & Twine.  It is near downtown so I can easily grab some bath bombs or other beauty goodies without a special trip to the mall.  They recently celebrated four years in Hamilton and bath bombs were half price, just $3 so I stopped by to stock up.  Yeah, goodbye no-buy. Sadly, Burlap & Twine do not sell online so you can only get these if you are local but they have some amazing skincare and unique bath bombs.  If you are in the GTA, stop by their Hamilton or Burlington locations to check them out!

The bath bombs are the typical round harder ones.  Similar to LUSH size and consistency.  They do tend to be more on the coloured side and have extras like flowers or sprinkles but they do have some without glitter and other ingredients.  I think all of the ones I have tried are Olive Oil based but they may have some with other oils.  The coloured oils left over after your soak do stick to the tub so give it a good rinse right away.

Cloud Nine Bath Bomb from Burlap & Twine

Burlap & Twine Bath Bombs - Cloud Nine Bath Bomb

Made with Jasmine and a sprinkling of green tea, the Cloud Nine bath bomb from Burlap & Twine will melt your stresses away.  This fizzes away to a light blue.  With only a small amount of green tea leaves, it is not a pain to clean up for those who hate floaty bits from bath bombs.

 Cupcake Bath Bomb from Burlap & Twine

Burlap & Twine Bath Bombs - Cupcake Bath Bomb

Who doesn’t love a cupcake?  This no calorie sweet treat is a great way to spend a relaxing evening. The spinkles on the Cupcake bath bomb from Burlap & Twine melted in the tub so no extra floaties.  It leaves the water a creamy soft pink with a sugary scent.  Perfect for the girly girl!

Lady Godiva Bath Bomb from Burlap & Twine

Burlap & Twine Bath Bombs - Lady Godiva Bath Bomb

On the subject of no calorie sweetness, Burlap & Twine also have a Lady Godiva bath bomb.  Chocolate scented with some arabica coffee beans this one is a little softer and easier to break up than the others if you like to split them into multiple baths.  It leaves a light pinkish brown water but you do have some coffee beans to fish out before emptying the tub.

Long Live The King Bath Bomb from Burlap & Twine

Burlap & Twine Bath Bombs - Long Live The King Bath Bomb

Have a man in your life who secretly steals your bath bombs for a soak? Burlap & Twine made Long Live The King just for him!  This fizzes away to a bright blue with a musky masculine scent.  It reminds me of an aftershave but I can’t think which one.  Hopefully he will clean the tub out after using it as it leaves streaks of bright blue leftover oil at the waterline.

 Pineapple Paradise Bath Bomb from Burlap & Twine

Burlap & Twine Bath Bombs - Pineapple Paradise Bath Bomb

Glitterbomb! The Pineapple Paradise bath bomb from Burlap & Twine is the only glittery bomb I buy because I love the sweet juicy scent but hate having to rinse off glitter.    Topped with green and gold glitter, this leaves the water a cheerful yellow that he calls pee water.  Glitter drains fine so no clean up before emptying the tub but you do need to give the tub a scrub to get rid of the yellow glittery waterline, especially after a long soak.

Limited Edition Anniversary Bath Bomb from Burlap & Twine

Burlap & Twine Bath Bombs - Pinkberry Limited Edition

The first 100 customers also got a free special bath bomb for the anniversary sale.  I think it was called Pinkberry something.  A brighter pink than Cupcake or Lady Godiva with a touch of blue glitter.  Super sweet with a hint of something tangy in the scent.  Since you can’t get this again, I guess it doesn’t matter what the something tangy was?

You can find Burlap & Twine at 259 James St N in Hamilton or 393 John St in Burlington.  Along with bath bombs, they sell soaps, body and skincare such as scrubs, bubble bars, moisturizers and more.  Everything is handmade and natural.


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