Faves From Cuter Cuticles December 2017 Gladvent

Cuter Cuticles Gladvent Christmas 2017 Faves

You will know from previous posts that I am a fan of Cuter Cuticles for their cuticle oil.  So when they offered their latest Gladvent, a mini advent box for December 13-24th, I jumped on it.  Well, I made him buy it for me!  Some of these are exclusive to the box while others are limited edition scents you can get from her scent list if you join her facebook group.  A select few are available probably available direct from the shop too.

The Cuter Cuticles Holiday Gladvent included two barrier butters, two cuticle oils, two lip balms, two mani bombs a salt scrub soap, an acetone additive, a headache balm and a sticker.

Cuter Cuticles Gladvent Christmas 2017 Faves

The headache balm was a nice addition.  Not something I have seen from Sammy before. It is a mix of eucalyptus, basil, mints and lavender in a balm.  It is quite effective for mild headaches but wouldn’t touch a migraine or bad headache.

I have wanted to try her acetone additive for quite a while now.  We got Buttered Rum in the Gladvent box.  If you are not familiar with acetone additive, it helps moisturize while also taking away that nasty white chalky look that 100% acetone leaves behind.


Cuter Cuticles Gladvent Faves – Elf Dust & Chestnuts & Brown Sugar Salt Scrub Soap

Cuter Cuticles Gladvent Christmas 2017 Faves - elf Dust and Salt Scrub

I am one of those weird people who don’t care about the shape of mani bombs because I tend to break them into two to soap my hands separately.  So I am all about the Cuter Cuticles Elf Dust Mani Bomb.  It has a sweet scent and plenty of oils to moisturize without being an oil slick.  I have been dealing with dry hands lately so the Cuter Cuticles Salt Scrub Soap in Chestnuts & Brown Sugar was an instant fave to exfoliate before my soak too.  It lasted a few uses too despite being small.

Cuter Cuticles Gladvent Faves – Frosty Cuticle Oil Rollerball

Cuter Cuticles Gladvent Christmas 2017 Faves - Cuticle Oil Frosty with Glitter

A special scent for the holidays.  Cuter Cuticles Frosty Cuticle Oil is minty with red glitter.  The glitter doesn’t make it past the rollerball and is just there to look pretty.  As with all of her oils, it excels compared to store brand cuticle oils and I do love mint.  There was a second cuticle oil in the box.  A pen style that is quite bulky and Woodland scented with a lighter powdery musk in the background.  You get more oil in the rollerballs and I prefer the scent of Frosty.

Cuter Cuticles Gladvent Faves – Barrier Butter in Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins & Peppermint Fluff

Cuter Cuticles Gladvent Christmas 2017 Faves - Barrier Butter Review

We got treated to two barrier butters in the holiday Gladvent.  The small size from their website is 15ml while the medium is 30ml.  But we got treated to 20ml of Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins.  I think I prefer the smaller looking container that it comes in too.  Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins is super sweet.  Heavy on the vanilla and frosting.  While Peppermint Fluff Barrier Butter is balanced with sweet vanilla and marshmallow so it is not overly pepperminty.

If you are not familiar with Cuter Cuticles Barrier Butters, they can be used on your hands or just your cuticles.  The whipped butters and oils moisturize and nourish and the added beeswax locks in that moisture.  Just what my dry hands were begging for.  They are more affordable to buy in the larger containers if you fall in love.

What Else Was In The Cuter Cuticles Gladvent

Cuter Cuticles Gladvent Christmas 2017 Non Faves

Reindeer Doo Doo Mani Bomb: Absolutely nothing wrong with it, I just prefered the Elf Dust.    It is one of the scents you can order as a custom oil/butter and has pine, eucalyptus, apples, pears and cedarwood lay on background notes of vanilla, geranium and patchouli.

I already mentioned the cuticle oil.  Woodland is just not my typical type of scent and I have a preference for the size of the rollerballs to these bulkier pens.  The two lip balms were great, but I have so many lip balms on the go, I think they didn’t feel as special.  Cuter Cuticles Lip Balms have a nice thicker consistency that protects your lips while they soften so are worth buying if you need lip balms.

The sticker was the only thing I wouldn’t use from the Gladvent.  I knew it was part of the Gladvent, but thought it would be an extra and not an actual item.  I don’t use Helmers and don’t put stickers on my stuff so it will likely get lost at some point.


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