The Body Shop Summer Essentials

The Body Shop Summer Essentials Mango Sorbet - Mango Sugar Scrub - Peppermint Pumice Foot Scrub

Last week I shared some of The Body Shop’s Summer Essentials for your face and today I have some of my favourites for the body to share.  Summer is all about fresh looking skin and since I am pale and need to fake tan, major exfoliation!  On top of that, spending the summer in sandals means I want my pedicure to last so have a foot product to share too!

The Body Shop Summer Essentials – Mango Body Sorbet

The Body Shop Mango Body Sorbet Review

I love the texture of The Body Shop’s sorbets so it is mostly about scent choice for summer and mango screams summer to me.  It has a light texture but gives a good dose of moisture while absorbing quickly without any sticky residue.

It is slightly cooling, as with most gel like moisturizers, so feels amazing after being out in the sun.  I keep one in the fridge to use when I get home for instant cooling.  The mix of Indian mango seed oil, organic aloe from Guatemala plus Community Trade honey and sesame seed oil melts into your skin to help replenish the moisture and soothe your skin after a hard day.

The Body Shop Summer Essentials – Mango Sugar Scrub

The Body Shop Mango Sugar Body Scrub Review

Since I am using mango sorbet and the scent lasts on The Body Shop products, I am also using Mango Sugar Scrub to exfoliate.  It has the same moisturizing mango seed oil combined with organic soy oil.  This mix is rich in essential fatty acids and helps repair skin’s moisture barrier for smooth, supple skin.  Coupled with Community Trade organic cane sugar and salt grains gently exfoliate skin it gets you ready for that fake tan!

The sugar scrubs are fairly rough so will get rid of all of that dead skin but not so rough that you will be left with little scratches like some other scrubs.  Since it is a sugar scrub, you will want to step out of the shower stream while applying to get a good scrub before it melts or washes away.

The Body Shop Summer Essentials – Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub & Spoon File

The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub Review

I want my pedicure to last and hate “ugly feet” so a foot scrub is part of my regular routine, especially in summer when people are more likely to see my feet.  The Body Shop’s Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub has intensely exfoliating volcanic rock to smooth that dry rough skin you get on your feet but is gentle enough to use on smoother areas of the foot too.  I do a foot soak using their Peppermint foot soak then exfoliate using the spoon foot file and a dollop of peppermint pumice.  The smoother side of the foot file can be used to gently smooth and buff while the rougher glass sand side gets rid of calloused or really rough skin – keeping those tootsies looking great for summer.

Between these essentials and the ones for your face shared last week, The Body Shop has you covered for summer essentials from head to toe!

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