At Home Pedi Experience With 7th Heaven Sock Masques

7th Heaven Foot Spa Sock Masques and Flexitol Heel Magic - At Home Pedi

7th Heaven Foot Spa Sock Masques and Flexitol Heel Magic - At Home Pedi

With all of the horror stories of bacteria from salon pedicures, especially ones with bubble spas, plus the cost, at home pedis have become my go to.  Not like I don’t know how to paint my toe nails.  I recently tried out some new products to add to my at home pedicure routine.

My usual routine is to do a pedi after using my Amope Pedi Perfect then having a tub with a moisturizing MELA Bath bomb.  That way, my skin and nails are nice and soft.  Plus the warmth of the bath helps my skin absorb my foot lotion.  Sometimes I just crumble a little of the bath bomb into a plastic basin we use for foot soaks.   I was sent a pack of 7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques to try out.  Since I know my skin absorbs moisture better when warm, I did a hot foot soak before using it.

Perfect At Home Pedicure: 7th Heaven Foot Spa Sock Masques - How To Use

The 7th Heaven Sock Masques come folded up inside the package.  They are sealed at the ankle so the softening liquid stays inside the sock and not wasted in the packaging.  Simply tear the socks apart to use.  They have a mesh style insert inside the plastic bootie so make sure you put your foot inside the mesh.  Then use the purple tab to tighten them at the ankle and sit back for 15-20 minutes and let the 7th Heaven Sock Masques do their work.

7th Heaven Foot Spa Sock Masques Review - Perfect At Home Pedicure

They are fairly big, so I like to stick a pair of slipper or spa type socks over them to keep them in place and my toes warm.   The 7th Heaven Sock Masques contain Shea Butter and Almond Oil to nourish dry skin and repair cracked heels, Soybean to leave them softened and Peppermint Oil to freshen your feet.

Flexitol Heel Magic To Add Even More Moisture

Perfect At Home Pedicure:  Flexitol Heel Magic Review - Pedi At Home Using 7th heaven Sock Masques

I already talked about the dose of moisture you can get from Flexitol Heel Magic.  You don’t really need it after using 7th Heaven Foot Masks but by the time I have painted my toe nails and cleaned up with acetone, I like to add some foot lotion.  Flexitol Heel Magic hydrates dry and cracked heels so is useful if you have very cracked skin too.

Get The Pedicure Massage Experience At Home

Perfect At Home Pedicure with Homedics Heated Shiatsu Select Foot Massager

One of the things I do miss about a salon pedicure is the foot massage.  Although last time I went, they barely massaged so maybe not.  I bought a Homedics Foot Massager (currently $40 at Best Buy which is an amazing price).  I want to upgrade to one that does your legs too but in the mean time, he just has to give me a foot massage!  You can opt for just massage or massage with heat, so I love it for cold winter days when your feet get cold.

Perfect At Home Pedicure - Andmetics Toe Wax Strips

Unsightly toe fuzz can ruin the look of your perfect pedicure and softened feet.  Andmetics have special wax strips made just for toes.  You break apart the strips that are shaped for your toes, tapering towards the foot.  They remove less painfully than some not made for toes that I have tried and remove peach fuzzies and thicker hairs.  They are also a great shape for removing between the eyebrows!

Hope this helps you plan your at home pedicure!

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