[re]fresh Skin Therapy Lactic Acid Peel & Eye Recovery Serum

[re]fresh refresh skin therapy lactic acid peel review

[re]fresh refresh skin therapy lactic acid peel review

My skin has been terrible lately.  With the changing weather, I have a sudden outbreak of pimples and orange peel like skin.  Your makeup can’t cover everything, and with the recent heatwave, will not last the day, so I have been making a real effort to “fix” my skin.  I have used [re]fresh peels before, trying their fruit acid peel.

This time, I opted for their 10% Lactic Acid Peel.  It is their gentlest exfoliator and is supposed to remove dead and damaged skin cells without irritation – because I do not need added redness! Lactic acid speeds skin cell renewal and improves skin’s ability to retain moisture.  Compared to their fruit acid peel, this one smells more like acid (think white vinegar smell) but is just as gentle.

One of the things I love about [re]fresh peels is that they do not need a neutralizing agent and are neutralized with just cool water.  If it starts to burn (which the Lactic Acid Peel did not), you can easily rinse your face without measuring other ingredients.  You have to be careful with any peel in summer,that fresh skin is more easily burned, so use peels at night and lots of sunscreen!

While gentle, I find the Lactic Acid peel is helping.  I have been using it 3x a week and a gentle scrub the next day to help scrub away the dead skin cells that it removes as you don’t notice the skin sloughing off when using it.

[re]fresh refresh skin therapy peptide + intense eye recovery serum

As an added bonus, [re]fresh sent me a full size sample of their Peptide + Intense eye recovery serum.

Unlike most products that are open to bacteria, they use an airless pump precision applicator to maximizes eye serum effectiveness.  The product stays sealed, extending product lifetime, eliminating waste or spills.  Considering it is $50, not wasting any is a good thing.

Refresh Skin Therapy’s Peptide+ Intense Eye Recovery Serum is a dynamic and effective dark circle elimination treatment. Using an active ingredient mix of peptides derived from purified soy, rice, and yeast, the formula positively stimulates blood circulation away from the eyes to dramatically reduce dark circles and puffiness.

I use a eye serum regularly as I get dark circles.  I haven’t been using it long enough to see any huge change (and would not expect it to work so quickly when I have been using a similar treatment) but the skin around my eyes already seems firmer so it definitely helps with the puffiness within just 2 weeks.

Buy [re]fresh products

Refresh Skin Therapy can be bought directly through their website or on Amazon.ca.  Personally, I find that Amazon is better for us Canadians as it ships from Amazon, so free shipping and no worrying about duty/taxes at the border.  However, prices vary on both, so check before buying for the best deal.

*Prices current July 20th 2015.

Disclaimer: I received these products free of charge for review purposes but was not compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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