Topbox Unilever Trends Box

Topbox Unilever Trends Box - All Products - October 2016

Topbox Unilever Trends Box - All Products - October 2016

Earlier this month, Topbox offered a choice of two limited edition boxes filled with Unilever products for just $10.  Since I had some $5 coupons, it seemed worth it for some travel packs of the Simple Cleansing Wipes which I love and a full size deodorant.  The rest would be extras and fun to try.  I bought both boxes and this is the TopBox Unilever Trends box.  Expect the Unilever Classic box at some point in the future.

Unilever Trends by Topbox – Skincare

Topbox Unilever Trends Box - Skincare from Vaseline and Dove

Starting off with some skincare in the box.  It contained Dove Dry Oil Moisture Nourishing Body Wash, Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands Stronger Nails lotion and Vaeline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter.  The body wash was decent, decent amount of moisture and rinses easily.  I would happily buy it again if it was on sale.

The Vaseline products impressed me.  My lips were left soft after using the Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter.  It also helped with some recent cold weather flakiness.  The one downside is that lipstick doesn’t reapply all that well over it.  Healthy Hands Stronger Nails hand cream did leave my hands feeling moisturized – even after a swatchfest with lots of acetone.  Not sure how much it makes my nails healthier, at least in the short term but I haven’t broken one in a few weeks so…

Unilever Trends by Topbox – Haircare

Topbox Unilever Trends Box - Dove and Tresemme Haircare

For the hair, the Unilever Trends box contained Dove shampoo and conditioner plus a serum shown below because I tested it later.  Plus, to help tame my wannabe curly but not quite there shorter locks, Tresemme Sea Foam and Sea Salt Spray.  I didn’t think a serum would go too well with those, which is why I tested it later.  The shampoo is decent, made my hair soft but it was not super manageable.  He loved it though.  He comes home from work filthy and the Dove shampoo/conditioner combo cleaned thoroughly without drying out his hair with daily use.

I tried the Tresemme products after my usual shampoo.  They don’t perform as well as high end products for that tussled waves look but were decent and did not weigh down the hair.

Unilever Trends by Topbox – Dove Dry Spray and More

Topbox Unilever Trends Box - Dove Deodorant - Simple Cleansing Wipes - Dove Hair Regenerative

Finally, on to my favourites! One of the first deodorants I ever tried was a spray deodorant.  I remember using too much and getting white chalky stuff all over my top.  Dove’s Dry Spray promises to go on dry, with no marks and is environmentally friendly compared to those ones used in my teens.  I got the Soothing Chamomile scent.  I don’t think it lasts 48 hours (I needed a shower the next morning, but ewww on making it last 48 hours anyway).  It is formulated with a combination of ¼ Dove moisturizers with vitamins E and F to help to nourish skin too.

Dove’s Dry Spray does do a great job of drying quickly, a few seconds with the arms up like chicken legs and you are good to go.  No visible white marks on my clothing either and unlike his deodorant, it doesn’t have a strong scent that can bother coworkers.  This also means that it is a good thing it keeps you dry as there isn’t any scent to cover it up.

The Dove Regenerative Nourishment Serum in Oil and Simple Cleansing Wipes were the same ones I tried at the recent ChickAdvisor Showcase, so I already knew I would like them.  Always good to have some travel sized ones around for the holidays though!  The Serum in Oil is lightweight and smells great.  It does contain silicone but many do but leaves your hair sleek and shiny.  The Simple cleansing wipes are great to have for swatching makeup as well as general use too.

Check out the current Topbox limited edition boxes here.  There is no monthly requirement for these boxes.  Simply choose the ones you buy and they are sent on the date shown in the item description.


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