My Indie Expo Canada Haul

Press Samples - Indie Expo Canada - All

Press Samples - Indie Expo Canada - All

I will be reviewing these over the coming weeks so no swatches today, but I thought i would show you what I came home from Indie Expo Canada.  With Izzy’s vet bills and Daisy to get spayed, my budget was tight and I was torn about going but I ended up volunteering. Cynthia of Alter Ego sent me home with two collections and some random polishes to swatch.  I picked up a few press samples and bought some beauties too.

Hit The Bottle / Beautometry

Press Samples - Indie Expo Canada - Hit The Bottle Beautometry

Starting with Beautometry and Hit The Bottle because you know I was excited for stamping supplies!  I have already been playing with these too.  They had a a limited edition Hit The Bottle polish named On the Loose with Chartreuse which VIP and press received free at the table along with a Moyra plate and nail file.  I got Moyra Sounds of Your World 108 which has a mix of music, flowers and more.  While chatting, the lovely ladies from Beautmetry also let me pick two stamping plates out.  I got Creative Shop 71 which has the blank gradient image similar to the Lina plate and Creative Shop 59 which has the “I am a Caticorn” and “Show Me Your Kitties” images.

They also gave me permission to share a coupon code with you if you want to pick up some polish or plates.  Enter SUMMER for $5 off a purchase of $35+ on Beautometry.  Shipping is usually very reasonable and they ship via USPS unless you choose UPS etc so no worries about crazy courier customs fees.

Purchases - Indie Expo Canada - Hit The Bottle - Beautometry

I also bought four stamping polishes.  Drop Red Gorgeous which shows so well over black (swatches coming soon) and three holo stamping polishes.  A Glint of Gold, Holo There Beautiful (Silver) and Hololulu Blue.

Cuter Cuticles

Purchases - Indie Expo Canada - Cuter Cuticles

Before we get on to the polishes, I had to stop by Cuter Cuticles.  They had two limited edition scents for the show.  Union, which smells like cinnamon buns and Kensington which is incense based like walking through Kensington Market.  As well as a Squattermelon mani bomb which Sammy threw in because I was excited about them.  See the review on it here!

Indie Expo Canada VIP Shades

Press Samples - Indie Expo Canada - VIP shades from Ever After - CbL and Alter Ego

I did not get a VIP bag since I wasn’t planning on going up until the last week or so.  But since I also had a press pass, several of the makers very generously gave me their VIP shades to try out.  All three of these are beautiful and swatches are coming soon!

  • Ever After Polish Diamonds are Forever
  • CbL Oh Canada
  • Alter Ego Generous Beauty

Colors by Llarowe, Fiendish Fancies & Pahlish (Purchases)

Purchases - Indie Expo Canada - CbL - Fiendish Fancies - Pahlish

I had to have Colors by Llarowe Can We Have Trudeau?  I think Leah Ann was told a hundred times that we are keeping him!  It is a beautiful black holo and while I have a couple, this one is so sparkly.

Fiendish Fancies was near the top of my list to visit since I had already preordered their 2nd anniversary polish I Want My Cake (swatches here because I love it and tried it right away).  I also picked up one of the few bottles of Facebook Bullshit Investigator, a polish Lara made for an Anonamaker collab that is a fan fave based on the name alone.  While I was visiting during the press preview, she also gave me a mini of Sleep Eludes Me.  Funny since we had just been saying early that morning that neither of us got any sleep the night before Indie Expo!

Pahlish is a new to me brand and I chose Crying Wolf.  Turns out that it is a Girly Bits exclusive and I kinda wish I had bought her Indie Expo Exclusive Graffiti Alley instead since I could buy Crying Wolf easily up here.  But he did tell me not to come home with a bag of purple and blue polishes.

CANVAS, Girly Bits, Great Lakes Lacquer

Purchases - Indie Expo Canada - CANVAS - Girly Bits - Great Lakes Lacquer

Throwing Shade by CANVAS was another shade I was looking forward to.  It shows gold here but is a thermal that transitions to a gorgeous taupey-blue shimmery perfection.  It is next on my list to swatch because I seem to be on a thermal kick.

From Girly BitsI picked up two of the limited edition polishes made for Indie Expo.  Lost in the PATH and Sugar Beach.  Pam also had a lot of stamping supplies that were calling my name including UberChic but I resisted as I can order them as budget allows.

Finally, one of the most wanted exclusives, Great Lakes Lacquer Indie-scent Exposure.  There were so many requests for muling this so I knew it had to be one of the purples I picked up at the show.

Beyond The Nail

Purchases - Indie Expo Canada - Beyond The Nail

I took advantage of a sale at Beyond The Nail to pick up some older shades that were only $5 each.  I have a shortage of reds and Canada Day is coming up!

  • Hallo Scream – orange and silver glitter in a black base
  • Candy Cane Crush (it is one of my fave DAVIDsTEA teas afterall) – a mix of red and white glitter
  • Infrared – a red holo
  • Comet? At least I think it is Comet, the label is missing – green holo jelly

Alter Ego

Press Samples - Indie Expo Canada - Alter Ego Sweet Cremes

The Sweet Cremes collection from Alter Ego, Creme de Noyaux, Creme de Banana, Creme de Cerise, Creme de Cacao, Creme de Menthe and Creme de Menthe.  I will be swatching this collection soon, so watch for it.  It seems like ages since I had a good creme polish to share!

Press Samples - Indie Expo Canada - Pastels Scream for Ice Creme Collection

If you prefer more pastel cremes, I also got the Scream For Ice Creme collection to swatch.  Vanilla Like That, Sherbet Vs. Sherbert? It’s All The Same To Me, Refreshing As Lemon Ice, Refreshing As Lemon Ice, Wahoo! Grape Today, Strawberry Shaker, Yo! Pistachio and I Like It Chocolate.

Press Samples - Indie Expo Canada - Alter Ego Cuticle Pens

Alter Ego also has cuticle oil pens which are not only refillable but come with a cap that you can put on the oil part to ensure they don’t leak while travelling.  I have Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Rose, Lavender, Banana, Coffee, Vanilla and Peppermint to share with you soon!

I also have a handful of random polishes that I have not yet photographed including Precious Heart, the Alter Ego limited edition.

Indie Expo Canada Polishes I Regret Not Buying

  • Great Lakes Lacquer Jewel of Ontario – a pretty emerald green shifty shimmery bottle of goodness (but it will be available for 2 days online starting tomorrow so I may treat myself).
  • Tonic Taking On Toronto (Limited Edition) & Dragon Tears – since they had limited stock thanks to Customs holding the polish from several vendors hostage, I took a free shipping card to order later but I want them NOW.
  • Fair Maiden Northern Exposure – I kept looking at it and thinking no more purple polishes but it is so pretty.
  • Bliss Blew My Budget – not really regret on this one since they didn’t make it to the show thanks to Customs stopping their polish but it was one I was most looking forward to trying.
  • Fiendish Fancies GingerSnaps Inspired Duo (Lycanthrope and The Curse) – sure I have others like them but they are so pretty.
  • This one is VIP so I couldn’t get it, but I may see if someone wants to swap/sell Girly Bits V.I.Polish.

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  1. So many beautiful polishes! That CbL Oh Canada… I think I need it in my life! Also, the name of Facebook Bullshit Investigator is HILARIOUS! ?

  2. I gotta try Hit The Bottle!

  3. I want to swatch it, but I could be convinced to hand over V.I.Polish if you want to swap something for it after.. 🙂 Look like you had an AWESOME haul!

  4. I seriously need to get me some Hit The Bottle polishes.

    1. I have a post coming up soon on them, the quality is amazing

  5. Your Beyond The Nails haul is my favourite! Those shades are gorgeous!

  6. Is CANVAS a Canadian brand? I love that polish!!

    1. They are, I think Toronto based

  7. You chose all stunning colors and products! Can’t wait to see your reviews!

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