DAVIDsTEA Sparkling Sangria Tea Review (Cocktail Collection)

DavidsTea Sparkling Sangria Tea Review - 2017 Davids Tea Cocktail Collection Tea Reviews

We can’t get enough wine from the Cocktail Collection!  DAVIDsTEA Sparkling Sangria is just asking to be made into a teapop.  Like most of the collection, best served as an iced tea.  DAVIDsTEA previously had a Sangria tea that was very popular but this is a different mix so I was interested to try it.  Personally, I was not a huge fan of the old tea but I like Sparkling Sangria.  So don’t be afraid to try it if you didn’t like the old one.

DAVIDsTEA Sparkling Sangria Ingredients and Steeping Instructions

DavidsTea Sparkling Sangria Tea Review - 2017 Davids Tea Cocktail Collection Tea Review - Loose Tea

Ingredients: Apple, papaya (papaya, sugar), mango (mango, sugar), pineapple (pineapple, sugar), hibiscus, blue cornflowers, rose petals, artificial passion fruit flavouring.

Steeping Instructions: 1-2 perfect spoons per 10oz near boiling (194℉ – 203℉ 90℃ – 95℃) water.  Steep for 4-7 minutes, remove infuser and add ice to fill 16oz glass.  As with Rosé All Day, I let the water cool a little more to lessen the hibiscus tartness and steeped for 6 minutes.  I don’t think it would be great hot, but use the same amount of tea for 16oz near boiling water.

Weight per Perfect Spoon:  This one is fairly heavy depending on the mix in the spoon.  Between 6g and 8g.  It is fairly compact though and the small tin holds 27g – the most of the teas in the collection.  At $7.98 per 50g, Sparkling Sangria is the most expensive tea per spoon in the Cocktail Collection.

With no sweet blackberry leaves or licorice like the old blend, this has a weird mild licorice scent to it that I am not sure of the origin.  That  being said, it does not come through in the tea.  You would get 6-7 cups per bag at a cost of $1.15-1.33 per drink.

DAVIDsTEA Sparkling Sangria vs Old Sangria Tea

DavidsTea Cocktail Collection Teas - Rose All Day, Sparkling Sangria, Raspberry Mojito and Sour Appletini 3

I was surprised that they did not bring back the old Sangria formula.  It was a hit last time and one of the more popular teas in fan groups.  The 2017 Sparkling Sangria from DAVIDsTEA in my opinion is better than the old one, but I know this is not a popular opinion for those who loved the old one.

Ingredients in the old DAVIDsTEA Sangria: Ingredients: Apple, hibiscus, liquorice root, sweet blackberry leaves, orange, strawberry, raspberry, natural flavouring.

While I do add orange when I make sangria at home, it added to the weird tartness of the old blend and I was happy to see it not included in this one as well as hibiscus further down the ingredient list.  The new blend has a sweeter taste but is also lighter.  Sadly, the hibiscus oversteeps if you steep too long so another one to try cold steeping.

DAVIDsTEA Sparkling Sangria Tea Review

DavidsTea Sparkling Sangria Tea Review - 2017 Davids Tea Cocktail Collection Tea Review

I do like Sparkling Sangria.  It is never going to be my favourite tea but it is refreshing iced. It also has a better flavour than the old one for me. Sparkling Sangria embraces summer in a way the rest of the collection does not.  It was nice to see some more tropical fruits in this one even if it does still have apple and artificial flavouring.  That being said, it is not all that original and with another wine tea in the collection, maybe the could have done something else.

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