Conair 3Q Advanced Brushless Hair Dryer Review

Conair 3Q Hair Dryer Reviews

Conair 3Q Hair Dryer Reviews

Sadly, brushless does not mean that you don’t need a brush while drying but the Conair 3Q Advanced Brushless Hair Dryer can still help you dry your hair in less time and with less frizz!  The Conair 3Q was a big step up from my old hair dryer which was on its way out.  I had noticed that it had less power and would get hot in the long time it takes to dry my thick frizzy hair.

The Conair 3Q Advanced is also a massive change from other hair dryers I have tried.  My first thought was that the air was too cool and my hair would never dry.  The second was that the power would make my hair even more frizzy as it packs a punch.

The Conair 3Q Advanced Hair Dryer Claims

Conair 3Q Hair Dryer Review - Heat Speed Controls

The Conair 3Q Advanced hair dryer has some big promises

  • Up to 5000 hours of life – 10X longer than comparable AC motor dryers thanks to the brushless motor
  • Up to 70 percent more air pressure than Conair DC motor dryers, for ultra-fast drying with less heat to minimize heat damage
  • Ionic Technology for enhanced shine and up to 75 percent less frizz than hair dryers with natural ion generation
  • Up to 40 percent less noise (compared to the regular 3Q model)
  • Dries equivalent to 2000 watts dryers without being 2000 watts
  • Titanium Ceramic technology for infrared heat to gently dry hair

It has two speeds and three heat settings along with a cold air button, plus a nice long 7ft cord so you can easily reach all areas of your hair and move away from the outlet if needed.  As with most hair dryers, the Conair 3Q Advanced Brushless comes with concentrator and diffuser heads.

Does The Conair 3Q Advanced Hair Dryer Live Up To The Promises?

Conair 3Q Hair Dryer Review

The Conair 3Q Advanced Brushless Hair Dryer is certainly more powerful than my old hair dryer which was a Conair Infinity Pro but aging from much use.  It will blow your hair around at the wrong angle.  Great for getting deep into thick hair and adding volume but can make your hair messy at the wrong angle.  I don’t have a 2000 watt dryer to compare it to, but I could definitely feel a difference between my 1875 watt dryer.

It is fairly comfortable to hold.  I am not sure if it is just that I am used to where the buttons are on my old dryer, but I have hit the heat button a few times while drying my hair with the Conair 3Q.  I don’t find the noise that much less, but my bathroom is small and echoes.  But my old dryer did have a higher pitch and the cats would go running where Jazz has taken to watching me from about 5ft from the bathroom door.  Not quite brave enough to come in while I am using it!

Does The Conair 3Q Advanced Hair Dryer Really Help With Frizz?

Conair 3Q Hair Dryer Review - Less Frizz Claims

I had ringlets as a kid which were constantly brushed out leaving me with frizzy hair that neither wants to be straight or curly.  My hair needs a rough dry, then finish with a round brush and then straightening.  Even then, I get frizz within a few hours on the shorter hair.  So I really put the frizz and shine claims of the Conair 3Q Advanced to the test.

This was taken after the rough dry and is the reason that I fully recommend the Conair 3Q.  The side I did with it looks like my hair usually would after using a round brush to finish drying.  That alone saves me a good 20 minutes off my hair routine.  Obviously, still needs product and straightening.  It is not completely frizz free but if your hair is not as crazy as mine, you will likely be good to go!

The reduced heat is obviously healthier for your hair but even if it was hotter, I dry for less time too.  It feels healthier as well as having more shine after a few weeks of using the 3Q too.  I do have to watch that I don’t blow it too much from the bottom as the power will blow my hair weird but anything that reduces frizz like this is worth the $100 price tag for the Conair 3Q Advanced in my books.

Buy Conair 3Q Advanced Brushless Hair Dryer

Grab more information about this hair dryer here or follow @ConairCanada on social media.  You can buy the Conair 3Q at most stores where Conair products are sold including Walmart and more.

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  1. This is a GAME CHANGER – I never blow dry my hair because the frizz just makes it 10x harder to deal with!

  2. I need a new hair dryer in the worst way! I think I’ll save up for this one!

  3. Who knew a new hair dryer can make such a difference.

  4. Great review! You can totally see the difference.

  5. I rarely blow dry my hair anymore but this looks like a great blow dryer.


  6. This sounds and looks amazing!

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