Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask Review

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Tissue Mask Canada Review

Garnier’s Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask has been one of my favourite skincare products since they sent me a sample quite some time ago.

While I am not sure that a tissue mask can really address dark spots the same way a targeted treatment does, I prefer tissue masks in general and Garnier’s is super hydrating and works for my skin.  That being said, my dark spots are not so dark that I worry about them that much, they are easily covered with makeup.

Tissue masks are fairly mainstream outside of North America and especially in Asia, but here, they tend to only be the higher end expensive masks.  Garnier’s masks are affordable in comparison and boast 15mls of hydrating serum per mask.  The masks are thin cotton type masks, they do not break apart easily and form well to your face to maximize the skin touching the mask.  Even better, they have done a great job of putting the holes and slits where they should be.  So many masks are badly cut and leave me thinking that I have a disformed face.  They can stretch a little too which is great if you have a rounder face that many masks do not fit well and stop short of the hairline so you can use them without worrying about getting it in your hair like some I have tried.

The mask stayed moist for the full 10 minutes you are supposed to leave it on and there was some serum left in the packaging I rubbed into my chest, neck and the back of my hands.  My face did look hydrated, fresh looking and renewed after even the first use, but after many months of using them regularly (admittedly not the 3 times a week they say to use them to dark spots) I do not see much difference in dark spots.  My skin looks brighter and healthier which helps reduce how obvious the dark spots are though and since they leave my skin hydrated, my makeup looks better too.

While I will admit that these are cheaper than most tissue masks on the market in Canada and do leave my skin feeling hydrated, if dark spots are not an issue for you (or like me, you don’t see a huge difference using them), you can get tissue masks from Asia on Amazon or ebay for much less.  That being said, they work for my skin so I have bought quite a few boxes since I received that sample.

Buy Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Masks

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Masks come in a pack of 6 for around $15-20 depending on sales at most drug stores

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  1. Ive never heard of a tissue mask prior – very interesting to think about!

  2. kristen visser says: Reply

    oooh i will look into this! after having my baby girl my face has gotten pretty bad!

  3. This soiunds wonderful tha nks!

  4. This looks great! I will have to check it out and find it in the store to try. Thanks!

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