KBShimmer Mani Shot & Winter Nail and Cuticle Maintenance

KBShimmer Mani Shot Peppermint - Winter Manicure - Cuticle Care Review

KBShimmer Mani Shot Peppermint - Winter Manicure - Cuticle Care Review

I am all about the mani bombs and recently picked up some KBShimmer Mani Shots from Harlow & Co.  They are an easy add-on when I want to get to the free shipping threshold on a small order.

KBShimmer Mani Shot Peppermint - Avon Cuticle Remover Review

I find that cuticle removers work better on dry cuticles so I start with that if mine are really bad.  I have been using Avon Nail Experts Instant Gel Cuticle Remover.  Like Sally Hansen’s this softens the cuticle and removes it quickly.  A good soak to sooth the remaining cuticle and skin around it after is always good after the nuclear option too.  Leave it on for 15 seconds and the cuticle removes easily using an orange stick or cuticle tool.

Once I wipe it away with a warm wet towel, I file my nails as I hate filing when my nails are weakened from a mani bomb.

KBShimmer Mani Shot in Peppermint

KBShimmer Mani Shot Peppermint Review

KBShimmer Mani Shots are 1oz mani bombs that come packed tight in a little cup.  To use them you just roll the sides a little between your fingers to loosen it and pop it out by pressing on the bottom of the cup.  KBShimmer says these fizz for 30-60 seconds but I found they last a bit longer, especially the peppermint one which fizzed while I took photos and was still fizzing when I added my fingers.

KBShimmer Mani Shot Peppermint Review - Fizzing in Water

KBShimmer Mani Shots do fizz up quite a bit, so make sure you use a bowl big enough for them.  Despite taking photos first, this still was up at the top of the bowl when fizzing around my fingers. Once the fizzing has calmed down, soak your digits for about 10 minutes then dab dry.

KBShimmer Mani Shot Peppermint - CND Solar Oil and RescueRXx

Then I add a little CND RescueRXx to my nails and top up with CND Solar Oil on my cuticles.  If I don’t have polish on, I use RescueRXx daily but a cuticle oil several times a day as the winter weather is harsh on the skin, including cuticles.  Those cute winter manis just are not as nice with dry cuticles!

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