Back to School Chalkboard Equation Nails With Essence

Back to School Chalkboard Equation Nails With Essence

One of the images I never thought I would use from my Pueen Love Box 02 set suddenly appealed to me for back to school nails.  I never thought I would need a scientific equation nail stamp but loved the other images on the stamping plate, especially the plaid which I have used a few times.  Using it for back to school just screamed chalkboard nails.  I know, it should be whiteboard nails but black is appealing to my mood right now.  Plus as bad as chalk dust is, there is just something about a dirty chalkboard!  Since it is back to school, I tried to keep this look affordable too with Essence polishes with the exception of my white stamping polish.

Back to School Chalkboard Nails – Polishes/Tools Used

Back to School Essence Stamped Chalkboard Scientific Equation Nailart Supplies

  • Essence The Gel Back to Black
  • Essence The Gel Rock My World
  • MoYou London White Knight stamping Polish
  • Born Pretty large clear jelly stamper
  • Essence Satin Matte top coat
  • Pueen Geo Lover 02 stamping plate
  • Shany SH221 stamping plate

Back to School Essence  Chalkboard Scientific Equation Nailart

Starting with a base of just one coat of Essence The Gel Back to Black, yes ONE COAT BLACK!  Well in nail art at least, if wearing just black, I tend to do two thin coats but one regular coat is amazingly opaque.  Using Shany SH221, stamp the wavy lines to give the effect of a chalkboard that has been wiped clean but still has chalk dust lines using Essence’s Rock My World.

Back to School Essence Stamped  Chalkboard Scientific Equation Nailart Closeup

I am actually really impressed by the stamping qualities of Rock My World.  I mean, it is a fairly dark grey and not a stamping polish yet clean crisp lines using my fussiest stamp head and shows over black!   Then using the scientific equation stamp image from Pueen Geo Lover 02 and MoYou White Knight stamping polish, stamp on all fingers.  Finish with a matte topcoat since chalkboards are not shiny.

My fussy stamper came into play here.  I go between loving and hating this stamper.  It is wide and has a clear handle which allows lots of light so you can see your image, and most of my stamp heads are white so I didn’t have a lot of choice using this polish.  Not sure where my red smooshy one has got to, likely a cat toy!  The Born Pretty stamper hates my MoYou polishes.  I thought it was being extra nice to me when it stamped the lines using Essence so well but then it wouldn’t pick up or didn’t transfer completely.  Maybe I should have tried the white polish from this Essence line! I guess chalkboard nails are imperfect anyway but still.

So while I may not be going back to school, I am rocking my chalkboard nails for a few days so back to #AlphabetNails next week!

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13 thoughts on “Back to School Chalkboard Equation Nails With Essence

  1. What a super cute idea for nail art! This is only the second September where I haven’t been a student (since I was 4 years old anyway), so it still very much feels like back to school time! 🙂

  2. Super cute mani and perfect for this time of year. My kids head back in just under a week and I’m happy and sad at the same time. I really like the way you layered the stamping here. It makes it look like a chalkboard that’s been very well used.

  3. I remember the days of chalkboard and staying after school to clean them but nowadays they have promethean board. Great mani bring back great memories.

  4. First of all I need to check that grey Essence because it stamped perfectly! And then let me tell you I love everything in this mani! Double stamping is awesome and the satin finish is perfect to remind a chalkboard!

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