Zoya PixieDust Oswin & Essie On A Silver Platter

Zoya Oswin and Essie On A Silver Platter Swatch

Going for some sparkle for the alphabet nail challenge this week with Zoya PixieDust in Oswin and Essie’s On A Silver Platter.  I am fussy about red polishes but it is rare that Zoya fails me.  This was especially true when they brought out Oswin which I picked up for Valentine’s Day nails and fell in love with it.  It has a slightly blackened red matte base with crimson red glitter that reminds me a bit of Ruby Pumps.  Close but definitely not a complete dupe, even with topcoat.

Zoya Oswin Swatch AlphabetNails

Surprisingly, every polish I own that starts with the letter O is a glitter or topper.  So I decided to use two of them and mix up the matte sparkle of the Zoya PixieDust with Essie’s On A Silver Platter which leans more gold over red.  It leans gold over most colours so maybe not the best named polish but it is more silver when worn alone.

Zoya Oswin and Essie On A Silver Platter Swatch

I sponged On A Silver Platter on the tips with a latex free makeup sponge then topped up Zoya Oswin using the same technique to blend and even out the look. Not sure how I feel about the blue that is more obvious over Oswin than other colours I have worn On A Silver Platter over.  The polish itself applied fairly evenly considering I did not use the gradient technique of putting both on the sponge and dries quickly.

Zoya Oswin and Essie On A Silver Platter Swatch Closeup

Since this was very glitter heavy, I applied it over UNT Ready For Takeoff peel off basecoat and did not add any topcoat to keep the matte finish of the Zoya PixieDust.  While both polishes are textured, the finish was not overly bumpy but the blue glitter in the Essie polish did start falling off after a day without the added protection of a topcoat.

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  1. Ooooo this pairing is killer!

  2. This is the best Pixie Dust nail art I have ever seen! I totally love it.

  3. its like these colors where made for each other, great mani!

  4. I would have never thought they looked good together but I was completely wrong!! I love this combo!

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