Quo by Orly Mega Plum #AlphabetNails

Quo by Orly Mega Plum Nail Polish Swatch

Quo by Orly Mega Plum Nail Polish Swatch Review

I don’t know which is worse in this alphabet of nail polish challenge, only having one polish starting with a letter when you really don’t like it or having so many that it is hard to choose.  Last week, I pulled out all of my M polishes and sat on the floor with trying to decide.  I even told my cat to pick one but the discerning cat nose decided nail polish wasn’t at all interesting while the food bowl was.

I decided to pick later and went shopping instead when one of my favourite Quo polishes caught my eye on the clearance rack at Shoppers Drug Mart.  Never happy with just one polish, I rummaged through a big box of Quo polishes and found Mega Plum from Quo by Orly along with a few others at just $2 each.  Since I had an offer of 15x Optimum points on Quo polishes, I had to buy more than one!  Mega Plum is probably one I would have picked up anyway, but since it started with M, had to be bought.

Quo by Orly Mega Plum Nail Polish Bottle Brush

As with most of the Quo polishes, while exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart, they are very close if not identical to regular Orly polishes.  Quo by Orly Mega Plum looks a lot like Orly Mega Pixel FX in Plum Pixel.  It has a plum base that is not too dark with a scattering of texture and silver glitter.  The brush is decent, but the polish is a bit chunky.  It applies fairly evenly despite the chunkyness and two coats is all that is needed for full opacity.

Quo by Orly Mega Plum Nail Polish Swatch

Quo by Orly Mega Plum – 1 coat on pointer finger – 2 coats on all other fingers – no top coat in natural light

Quo by Orly Mega Plum Swatch

Quo by Orly Mega Plum – 2 coats with ProFX Supreme Gel top coat in natural light

Quo by Orly Mega Plum Nail Polish Swatch Macro

Close up, you can see the plum base with the silver glitter, but in some light this can appear like a tarnished silver colour or more plum.  While it was definitely textured, it was surprisingly top coat hungry and three coats of a gel type top coat still left some minor texture.  The mix of matte and shiny silver is nice without top coat though.

No nail art this week, this polish speaks for itself and has enough going on without adding to it.

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9 Replies to “Quo by Orly Mega Plum #AlphabetNails”

  1. Such a pretty shade! Love the colour and the glitter is just so girly and pretty!

    1. It is, I have been checking other stores to see if I can find the rest of the collection

  2. This is fun! Sparkly and subtle all at the same time somehow.

  3. It looks so good! I love the textured polishes that also have those chunky glitters mixed in!

  4. This beautiful color deserves to stand and shine on its own!

  5. I’m a texture fan, so I would have been fine with it without top coat! It’s beautiful

  6. Pretty! Im not a texure fan but this is cute

  7. This is such a gorgeous shade! Me want. lol. And Quo on clearance for $2 is awesome! My local stores only “clearance” those at $5.99 each. That doesn’t feel like clearance.

    1. It was a huge bin of them too, but I was in a hurry so just grabbed a few and when I went back, nothing

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