Mont Bleu Crystal Glass Nail Files Review

Mont Bleu Crystal Glass Nail Files Review

Mont Bleu Crystal Glass Nail Files and Foot File Review

Ask almost any nail blogger and they will tell you that they have some Mont Bleu nail files in their collection.  These Czech made glass nail files are well known for being high quality and long lasting.  Plus they adorn them with Swarovski crystals so they look adorable!  If you are used to using emery boards or even have tried cheaper glass files, you will notice a difference with Mont Bleu files on the first use.  They have some amazing filing power without feeling overly rough when you run your finger along them.

Mont Bleu Crystal Glass Nail Files Review

Mont Bleu makes high quality glass nail files, foot files plus manicure tools, tweezers and more.  They even sell hair brushes!  The set I received includes three nail files.  A larger round ended file, a regular sized pointed file and a mini purse file.  Because who has not broken a nail while out?  Shopping carts are my nemesis, I have broken more nails putting a quarter in a cart than anything else!  They retail as a set for $29.95 if you buy from Mont Bleu’s store.

Comparing Mont Bleu Glass Files To Cheaper Glass Files

Mont Bleu Crystal Glass Nail Files compared to regular sprayed on glass

Compare the Mont Bleu file to my pink glass file which is cheaper but only sprayed on glass rather Mont Bleu’s multistep method.  You can see the difference in the file.  The Mont Bleu file does not appear to be etched as deeply but actually files much more in each swipe.  They also come with a lifetime warranty on the filing surface.  Simply wash them after use with soap and water and they never dull.  The specially etched Czech glass filing edge helps prevent splitting and breakage too.

To make their files, Mont Bleu uses a special glass alloy called Hardened Czech Glass, they then use acid to create the etched surface.  After cutting and polishing the files to shape, they are tempered in an oven ready for colouring and decoration. The acid is recycled keeping Mont Bleu environmentally friendly and the use of it along with hardened glass makes their files super long lasting.

Mont Bleu Crystal Glass Foot Files Review - Compare Sizes

Did you know you can cut down on breakage and get a more evenly shaped edge by filing with polish on?  By covering the smile line, you don’t file with it when it may be uneven.  The set of three gives you choice depending on your need.   The largest round ended file is 195 mm/7.68 inches.  The medium file measures 135 mm/5.32 inches while the purse sized file is 90 mm/3.54 inches.

Mont Bleu Crystal Glass Nail Files and Foot File Review - Crystals on Nail Files

Those Swarovski crystals? They hand apply them!  So while you can get a shape of crystals, the colour placement may differ from file to file.  Real Mont Bleu files come with a holographic sticker so you know that you are paying for the real thing.  Because sprayed on fake glass files do not last as long or file as well as the Mont Bleu files.  The stickers are slightly different on the larger file to the smaller ones.  While the crystal ones are great looking but if you want a more affordable option, you can get them without Swarovski Crystals for about $20 for a set of three.  If you don’t mind spending a little more, you can get personalized ones through their wholesale website!

I you shop through their e-shop, you can save 20% with coupon code BLOG but they do ship from Europe.  My package came in 10 days with no duties owing.  If you prefer to guarantee no duties, their Amazon shop is fulfilled by so is eligible for Prime shipping.  Check back tomorrow for my review of the Mont Bleu foot file too!

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  1. Please correct your information – the holographic sticker verifies the authenticity of the Swarovski crystals only. This could be misleading information as the unadorned files have no stickers but are authentic. This is easily verified on the company site as well.

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