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Mariposa Glitter Pixie Dust Packaging

Mariposa Glitter Nail Polishes Dollarama Pixie Dust Dupe

I was quite impressed with the original set of Mariposa polishes I tried, even though their long wear polish was not great so I thought I would give them another chance.  This latest Dollarama find is their glitter polishes.  A set of 6 mini polishes for $3.  These have a sand/pixie dust type feel to them, slightly matte bases with coloured glitter.  All have decent opacity and much better dry times than the gel versions of Mariposa’s polishes.

Mariposa Glitter Dollarama Nail Polishes Pixie Dust Dupe All Polishes

Mariposa Glitter – Purple

Mariposa Glitter Pixie Dust Purple

Mariposa Glitter Pixie Dust Purple

I actually really like the purple Mariposa glitter polish.  It is fully opaque in two coats and applies smoothly.  It has a purple base with purple and silver glitter.  The glitter helps pick up the colours around it so does lean more blue or more pink dependent on lighting.

Mariposa Glitter – Pink

Mariposa Glitter Pixie Dust Pink

Mariposa Glitter Pixie Dust Pink

The pink Mariposa glitter polish is probably the most wearable of colours.  It leans slightly purple/lilac with a silver and coloured glitter.

Mariposa Glitter Pixie Dust Pink

This will give you an idea of the texture with one coat of top coat applied.  So if you like your nails smooth, expect a few coats and a change in the look of the polish.

Mariposa Glitter – Blue

Mariposa Glitter Pixie Dust Blue Bottle Pic

Mariposa Glitter Pixie Dust Blue Bottle Pic

I did not expect to like the blue toned Mariposa glitter polish.  In the bottle it seemed too bright and just not me.  However, on the nail it does not appear as bright.  For some reason, this one is less concentrated than the other five and suffered a little from brush marks in the layer below.  It could probably benefit from an extra minute of dry time and/or a third coat.

Mariposa Glitter Pixie Dust Blue Macro

With a third coat, the colour really shows well.  Shown above with no top coat, you can see how textured the polish is as well as the various coloured glitter with some dark blue and silver.

Mariposa Glitter – Green

Mariposa Glitter Pixie Dust Green

Mariposa Glitter Pixie Dust Green Bottle Pic

The green polish seemed to work better with my skintone than I would have thought.  I have worn it three times and as you can see from the bottle picture, it made a serious dent in the amount of polish.  Like the blue, it is a little lighter than it appears when looking at the bottle but is opaque in two coats.

No swatches of the orange and yellow Mariposa glitters as the yellow is an awful colour and orange will be featured in an upcoming post so check back for that one!  But for those who want a better idea of the colours, here are close ups of the bottles.

Mariposa Glitter Pixie Dust Orange Bottle Pic

Mariposa Glitter Pixie Dust Yellow Bottle Pic

Apart from where noted, all swatches shown with two coats and no top coat in natural afternoon light indoors.  Dry time for all polishes is fairly quick but if you want to use top coat to smooth out the nail, expect to use three coats and necessary dry time for a smooth finish.  The matte look will obviously disappear with this much top coat.

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6 Replies to “Mariposa Glitter Polishes – Dollarama Find”

  1. These look really fun. I love the texture.

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      They are very rough to the touch (rougher than the regular Zoya Pixie Dust polishes but not quite as rough as the ones with the bigger chunkier glitter) but top coat ruins the look

  2. Loving the colors!

  3. […] I mentioned when I reviewed the rest of the Mariposa glitter polishes recently, the orange would be featured separately and here it is.  On swatching it, I realized […]

  4. So I love gritty/textured polishes and I had seen these polishes at Dollarama, and as soon as I read in your post that they weren’t just glitter but TEXTURED glitter I am not ashamed to say I immediately ran out to Dollarama to get them. Hahah. Thank you for enabling my problem! :p

    1. You know us CBBers, such enablers.
      I actually picked up another set today because someone told me the gold chrome finish one works great as a stamping polish.

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