Mariposa Nail Art Design Kits

Mariposa Nail Art Kit Products

Mariposa Nail Art Kit

I was at my local Dollar Tree store when I noticed these Mariposa Nail Art Design kits.  I have had a lot of luck with the Mariposa polishes I have tried from Dollarama and figured that $1.25 for three striping / nail design polishes and a pack of stickers is cheaper than even Born Pretty so worth trying.

Mariposa Nail Art Kit Products

The Mariposa Nail Art Design Kit comes in a number of colours, some had neon polishes but I went for the kit with the most basic of colours, black, white and a silver glitter polish.

Mariposa Nail Art Kit Stickers

The stickers are not really something i would use, they mostly have a white based design with silver, gold and pink glitter accents.  They look a little child like to me, but the hearts are cute and you can easily cut the dots to use too.

Mariposa Nail Art Kit Striping Polish Brush

The striping brushes are not the finest brushes but thin enough.  The white and black ones did have some stray hairs that needed to be trimmed to get a decent application.  They were not that bad though and I have bought $8 ones with the same brush issues.  The polish on both was fairly opaque but not perfect (what can you expect for $1.25 for three).  The white shows a bit of my base colour under while the black had good coverage.

Mariposa Nail Art Kit Striping Polish

The glitter in the silver striping polish could be more concentrated.  It shows well over the black but the glitter is a bit too sparse for a decent striping polish unless you get a thick layer.Mariposa Nail Art Kit Swatches

Here are all three striping polishes and one of the nail stickers over CND Vinylux Date Night.  The Mariposa Nail Art Design Kit did a decent job for the price, if you don’t mind trimming the brush (again, have had to do this with more expensive ones) and at $1.25 for a kit, is great if you are just getting into nail art and want to play around before spending a lot of money.

I have not seen these in my local Dollarama, but I imagine their price point will be slightly higher since most of the Mariposa sets are $3 there.

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  1. I really like the look you came up with! The base colour is gorgeous and the striping looks awesome.

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