Avon True Color Lip Balms

Avon True Color Lip Balms Pink Pucker and Peach Pout

One of the recent additions to the Avon Magalogues are these hydrating lip balms with a buildable blush of colour.  Avon’s True Color Lip Balm comes in five shades and I recently tried out two, Peach Pout and Pink Pucker.  Other shades in the new True Colour Lip Balm range include Coral Crush, Cherry Kiss and Plum Passion.

These tinted lip balms are priced at a very reasonable $5 each and are not waxy feeling, because who wants that nasty gummy lip balm buildup after a while.  While they apply evenly and soft on the lips, they do not melt easily on the bullet – great in this weather!  To show colour, you will need to layer on the buildable colour of these True Color Lip Balms, my lips are fairly pale but it took four swipes to really show some colour.  Two coats gave them a nice kiss of colour though.

Avon True Colour Lip Balm in Peach Pout

Avon True Color Lip Balms Peach Pout

Peach Pout is very sheer on the first coat but builds to a great colour.  It looks much brighter in the bullet than on the lips so don’t be put off at first glance if you are looking for a peachy neutral lip balm.

Avon True Color Lip Balm in Pink Pucker

Avon True Color Lip Balms Pink Pucker

Like Peach Pout, Pink Pucker looks brighter in the tube, but is a little more opaque than the peach on the lips.  Only three coats of Pink Pucker gave a decent amount of colour to the lips and it was a noticeable on one swipe.

Avon True Color Lip Balms Pink Pucker and Peach Pout Swatches Lips

Avon True Color Lip Balms Pink Pucker and Peach Pout Swatches

Shown here from left with Peach Pout (1 coat and 3 coats) and Pink Pucker (3 coats and 1 coat) you can see the difference in opacity in Pink Pucker.  Peach Pout is barely noticeable and you definitely need an extra layer to get the same colour payoff.  For my pale lips, this just means that the balm gives them a “normal” look with two swipes, but if you want the colour payoff shown in the model images, you will need to layer on that hydrating formula.

Find an Avon representative here to buy.

Disclosure: press samples sent for review

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2 thoughts on “Avon True Color Lip Balms

  1. I love a tinted balm for summertime, but I don’t know if these are quite pigmented enough for me! I always need a little pop of colour 🙂

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