Get Your Feet Summer Ready With Footlogix Medical

Footlogix Intensive Care Moisturizing Mousse

Footlogix Intensive Care Moisturizing Mousse

The recent warmer weather had me pulling out my spring/summer clothes but I realized that my feet are nowhere near ready for sandals.  After a winter hiding away in boots where you don’t worry about a perfect pedi or some dry skin, they are in need of a little TLC before that pale skin gets to see the light of day.

A pedicure made a huge difference, a good scrub got rid of some of the dead skin and who doesn’t love the pampering? But my feet were still quite dry and the lines around my heels deep.  It is not something that can be fixed in one trip to the spa so I turned to an intensive moisturizer from Footlogix Medical to help where the pedicure left off.

Footlogix Intensive Care Moisturizing Mousse Ball

Footlogix Medical Intensive Care Moisturizing mousse is easy to apply.  The mousse is not greasy and absorbs very quickly so you don’t have to sit around waiting for it to dry. Just rub a walnut sized amount onto each foot and get on with your day. That’s not only more convenient for you, it also means that there is no greasy layer to interfere with your foot’s normal breathing.  I hate wearing those spa socks to bed, so it was nice to have something that works but absorbs quickly.

Footlogix Intensive Care Moisturizing Mousse Can

The fragrance free lightweight Spirulina infused mousse contains 10% urea to soften, protect and replenish the skin’s moisture barrier to keep your feet soft for longer than an average foot moisturizer.  Even better, it is safe for people with diabetes, so you know it can’t harm your feet.

After using the first time, you notice a big difference.  While many lotions sit on the skin so you think they are hard at work for an hour or so, but are just leaving your feet greasy, Footlogix Medical gets right to work.  It absorbs immediately and you can see a difference in your skin’s hydration and elasticity.  At first I thought the mousse had not absorbed fully because my feet looked so moisturized.  Those little wrinkles around your feet fill out and your feet look and feel so much better.   The instructions remind you to apply between the toes too, an area that is often forgotten but very noticeable when wearing thong style sandals in summer.

Footlogix Intensive Care Mousse

Thankfully, my feet were not as bad as this, but I did have some rough skin and a crack in my heel.  Both are completely gone after using Footlogix Medical Intensive Care Moisturizing Mousse just once a day (before bed) for two weeks.  Obviously if your skin needs more attention, you can use it twice a day to get those feet not just looking better, but feeling better too.  Healing your painful, dry and cracked heels isn’t just about keeping your feet beautiful, but about treating the pain and annoying itchiness that comes from these skin conditions too!

Don’t just take my word for it. Pick up a bottle of Footlogix Medical at your local Walmart. You can find it in the pharmacy section rather than the beauty aisles. A bottle costs around $20 but since it actually works and a little goes a long way, is worth the cost, even if you are on a budget.  Be sure to enter to win a $250 Spa Gift Certificate. Put your best foot forward.

This post is sponsored by Footlogix Medical, all opinions are my own.

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