Get Your Feet Summer Ready With Footlogix Medical

Footlogix Intensive Care Moisturizing Mousse

The recent warmer weather had me pulling out my spring/summer clothes but I realized that my feet are nowhere near ready for sandals.  After a winter hiding away in boots where you don’t worry about a perfect pedi or some dry skin, they are in need of a little TLC before that pale skin gets to […]

The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand-Off

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fragrance Free Hand Cream Hand Off

Have you tried Neutrogena Norwegian Formula fragrance free hand cream?  I will admit to not taking care of my hands as well as I should and my skin suffers the consequences.  Between the amount of acetone I use cleaning up nail art or polish, changing my polish almost daily or deciding to swatch 10 polishes […]

GlamST: Give Yourself A Virtual Makeover

Ever seen an amazing deal on makeup online but not had the time to go shopping to check it out before the deal sells out or expires or need a new colour to go with that new dress?  Or even worse, tried a new lipstick in those lovely perfectly set lights in the makeup store […]