Go Natural With Oral Care – Radius, Spry & The Green Beaver

Radius Tour Travel Toothbrush, Green Beaver Apple Lip Balm and Spry Gum

Radius Tour Travel Toothbrush, Green Beaver Apple Lip Balm and Spry Gum

There are more and more options for green and natural skincare now but what about oral care and other beauty products?  I recently tried out three greener or more natural alternatives to my regular oral care routine.  While I am not about to give up my electric toothbrush for any manual one, even one made of money, I was surprised at the quality.  Often I find you need to sacrifice quality to find cruelty free or more natural products so it is nice that there are options out there.

Radius Tour Folding Travel Toothbrush

Radius Tour Travel Toothbrush Review 2

The Radius Tour travel toothbrush folds down so it will fit in any purse.  Simply unfold it, snap the brush part into position and close the hand back up.  It is comfortable to hold and unlike many brushes I have tried does not unfold again during use.  After you’ve used your toothbrush, stash the replaceable head safely inside the hollow handle. No extra travel case required and you can just buy a new head next time you travel.

The Tour handle is made from 100% wood-based bio-plastic (as with their Original toothbrush) and the bristles are vegetable-derived, making them environmentally sound.

Radius Source Toothbrush

Radius Paper Handle Toothbrush and DOC Suction Holder

If you are looking for an alternative for your regular toothbrush, Radius has you covered there too.  Their Source toothbrush is one of the better choices for a greener and more natural toothbrush.  You can choose your handle, made of paper, wood or even recycled US money!  Yes, brush your teeth with dollar bills!

Radius Source Toothbrushes Wood Paper US Money Handles

Thanks to replacement-head technology and a handle made from repurposed materials, the Radius Source reduces waste by 93%.  Since the head is replaceable, you can turn the head the other way to make the ergonomic handle comfortable for left handed people too!

Like all of the Radius products I have checked out, the both the Tour and Source toothbrushes are BPA free.  You don’t want BPA in your water bottle, you certainly don’t want it rubbing against the inside of your mouth!  They are also guaranteed vegan and not tested on animals.  They even make a certified organic toothpaste to go with your toothbrush!

Plus Radius is a women owned company that manufactures in the US and doesn’t send jobs abroad.  While it doesn’t impact me as a Canadian, we are all aware of the shortcuts that can be taken during manufacturing abroad.

The only thing I didn’t like about these toothbrushes is the size of the brush head.  Maybe I am too used to my small round electric toothbrush head but these are massive in comparison.  I compared them to the manual toothbrushes we keep for guests and they are bigger.  It is still comfortable to brush with, but takes a little getting used to.

Spry Gum Dental Defense System

Spry Gum - Natural Oral health review

If you are like me, you always have gum in your purse just in case.  It is not always possible to brush your teeth after a stinky lunch (and that slight toothpaste spray on black clothing sucks).  I actually buy Spry gum in Wintergreen flavour since it is one of the brands they sell in the store in the building at work but was sent a pack of Cinnamon to try.  After a pile of cinnamon teas over the winter, I am kind of over cinnamon but it gives an option for those who don’t like mint.

Spry sugar-free gum is sweetened with xylitol. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that doesn’t allow bacteria to stick to teeth. This unique quality means the bacteria can’t colonize in the mouth. Because they can’t thrive, they also can’t produce their acid, which can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Plus the flavour comes from natural cinnamon oil and not just fake flavouring!

The Green Beaver Green Apple Lip Balm

The Green Beaver Green Apple Lip Balm

A healthy mouth doesn’t stop at your teeth.  After brushing be sure to moisturize those lips.  It is no secret that I love green apple scented or flavoured products so I loving this was no big surprise.  They also make a green apple toothpaste so guess what is next on my list to try?

The Green Beaver uses Coconut Oil, Organic Wildflower Beeswax from the Hockley Valley Honey Farm in Ontario.  Plus they use actual apple juice to make these lip balms.  The Green Beaver is also Canadian and it is always a good idea to buy locally if you can find great quality products at an affordable price!  Especially since The Green Beavers lip balms are under $4 and certified organic, gluten free and biodegradable!

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