Essie Smooth Sailing & Blanc Nail Art

Essie Smooth Sailing Blanc Nail Art

Essie Smooth Sailing Blanc Nail Art

Essie Smooth Sailing is one of my favourite Essie polishes.  It is a beautiful blue with a slight silvery shimmer that makes it so wearable.  The bottle is fairly old and still not separated or chunky which is always a plus too.

Essie describes Smooth Sailing as “set sail on an ocean of this breezy lavender blue polish. with a reflection of pearl for a manicure of hypnotic tranquility.”  Personally, I find it more cornflower blue than lavender, not sure if they have changed it as I have not seen it in stores and the bottle on their website looks more purple toned.

The Brazilliant collection (Summer 2011 but I have replaced the bottle since then) was one that really drew me to Essie polishes and made me realize that they are not all “wedding pinks”.  Anyway, on to my blue and white mani

essie smooth sailing blanc bottles

  • Essie Smooth Sailing
  • Essie Blanc
  • Essie Gel Setter top coat
  • Mo You white stamping polish (White Knight)
  • Mo You Fashionista 04 stamping plate

I did a base of Smooth Sailing on all but one nail where I used a base of Essie Blanc.  Then stamped Smooth Sailing over the white nail in a zigzag design.  Over Blanc, the blue stamped fairly well but most Essie polishes are not opaque enough for stamping, especially over darker colours.  So for the white stamps, I turned to a stamping polish.  Taping off areas of my nails – make sure your polish is completely dry or it will lift, I stamped a geometric design with White Knight polish from Mo You with a different area taped off on each nail.

Both Smooth Sailing and Blanc are available at Nail Polish Canada (Blanc is available at drug stores but Smooth Sailing is harder to find) while you can get Mo You products at Trade Secrets.

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6 Replies to “Essie Smooth Sailing & Blanc Nail Art”

  1. WOW your nail art is AMAZING. Love the look of this design!

    Catherine | Beauty by Catherine

  2. I adore the sort-of negative space thing you are doing with the stamping here.

  3. I love how you did your middle finger, it looks very striking!

  4. These are so cute! Smooth Sailing is gorgeous!

  5. That cornflower colour is amazing! And I love the way you stamped it, I will remember to do that soon (I hope. Remembering stuff is difficult 😉 ).

  6. I really love the design. Smooth Sailing looks like it’s made to be paired with white!

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