Revlon Gilded Goddess Swatches & Review (Holochrome Collection)

Revlon Gilded Goddess Swatches Holochrome Collection

Revlon Gilded Goddess Swatches Holochrome Collection

It wouldn’t be a winter collection without a gold! Revlon Gilded Goddess is the third of the chrome part of the Revlon HoloChromes collection I am sharing.  If you missed the others, check them out here.  The collection includes four holographic polishes, three brushed metals and a gorgeous dark duochrome I am sharing tomorrow.

It would have been nice to get more of an actual chrome like mirror finish, but they advertise them as brushed metallics despite the name, so it was no surprise when trying Gilded Goddess.  It is rare to get that shiny mirror finish from a polish anyway.  What I do love about Revlon’s Gilded Goddess is that out there in a sea of yellow golds, this has a cooler tone.

Revlon Gilded Goddess Swatches and Review

Revlon Gilded Goddess Swatches Reviews Holochrome Collection

Like with the silver Molten Magic, Revlon Gilded Goddess does suffer from brush strokes.  It is common in metallics and I would be surprised to find an affordable metallic polish that didn’t have a formula that shows brush strokes.  But it is less noticeable than on Molten Magic.  It did need a second coat for full opacity too.  Dry time is great and the wear time seems ok.  I didn’t keep this particular shade on, but the others lasted 2-3 days without major wear before I removed them and I am hard enough on my nails that they would show tipwear.  I do use a sticky base coat though which prolongs wear.

Revlon Gilded Goddess Swatch and Review Holochrome Collection

Are there better metallics out there? Certainly, but Revlon Gilded Goddess is affordable at $6.49 regular price and widely available in drug stores right now.  The Revlon Holochrome collection tends to be in special displays rather than with the other Revlon polishes.

Revlon Gilded Goddess Swatches Holochrome Collection Closeup

Revlon Gilded Goddess (Brushed Chrome Metallic) Polish Overview

  • Coats required:  2 coats (shown with top coat)
  • Dry time:  good
  • Wear time: good for the collection, but this shade was only swatched
  • Issues: Some brush strokes as is common with metallic polishes
  • Colour: cooler toned gold
  • Buy It:  Major drug stores and anywhere else that sells Revlon nail polish.  Look for it in special displays.



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